Meghan Markle's Dad May Never Meet Prince Harry In Person For This Sad Reason

Andrew Milligan - WPA Pool/Getty Images; YouTube/Good Morning Britain

I have to give a standing ovation to Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex. Not only is she a badass feminist royal, but she has dealt with a lot of family issues in the months leading up to — and after — her wedding. She's managed to deal with it in a way that exudes grace, poise, and kindness. Like, how is she a real person? How does she do it all so effortlessly? #RoyaltyGoals right there. And it's no secret that many family members have spoken at length about Meghan in the public eye, with the most notable family member being her father, Thomas Markle. Recently, Markle decided to do his first TV interview, something that the royal couple was reportedly unaware of, and now, it's reported that the Duchess of Sussex hasn't spoken to her father in quite some time, sparking many to wonder, when will Thomas Markle meet Prince Harry? We all know he didn't attend the royal wedding, which would have been the perfect time for an introduction to the Duke of Sussex, but after everything that has gone on since the big day, things aren't looking good for this royal's father-in-law.

Appearing on a live interview with Good Morning Britain's Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid via satellite, Thomas Markle candidly spoke about his daughter and his new son-in-law, Prince Harry, and mentioned the paparazzi photos that he staged right before the royal wedding. A source told Entertainment Tonight that Meghan and Harry had absolutely no idea that her father would be interviewing on live TV. The source said,

It came as a surprise. They were not given advanced warning. They understand he has been harassed by the paparazzi 24/7 but it’s hard for them to accept his apology when he’s again taking cash.

Elite Daily reached out to Kensington Palace for comment on this report, but it declined to comment.

The source continued, saying, "Meghan loves her father deeply and Harry and Meghan have tried to offer him support and guidance adjusting to the media attention. But the relationship is fractured and it will be interesting to see where they go from here."

It's beyond sad that Meghan has to go through all of this while in the spotlight, but I think it's important to note that her personal life seemingly never gets in the way of what she does professionally, and I will forever be in her corner.

But now, a palace insider reportedly told Us Weekly that Meghan Markle hasn't spoken to her father for a month, and that the chances of introducing Thomas to her new husband Harry are getting less and less as time goes on. The outlet revealed, "Meghan hasn’t spoken to Thomas since the day after her wedding," adding that the entire royal family is "frustrated" with Markle's public appearances in which they were not notified were even occurring.

Another source told the publication that Thomas needs to get his act together if he wants to keep any sort of relationship with his daughter and her new in-laws. The source said,

Thomas is walking a fine line ... this blabbing needs to stop if he wants to maintain any relationship with Harry and Meghan. This will definitely have an effect on whether Harry meets Thomas or not now.

Elite Daily reached out to Kensington Palace for comment on the reports that Markle's interviews are jeopardizing his relationship with the royal family, but did not hear back by the time of publication.

Perhaps Markle thinks that what he's doing might help rectify the situation and lessen the reported strain on his relationship with his daughter, but, clearly, there's some type of disconnect going on here. However, a source close to Markle says that he's only trying to do what's best for Meghan, saying that "Thomas adores his daughter and swears he never wanted attention from the interviews ... All he’s ever cared about is protecting Meghan." The source added, "He wants the royals to stand by his side, but of course so far they haven’t."

Maybe this would be a good time for Markle to switch up his master plan, and try to keep things quiet instead of trying to hash things out on live television. We all know that Meghan is a low-key kind of girl, so maybe if her father follows a similar mantra, she'll be more open to speaking with him again and can*finally* introduce him to her new husband.

Proof that, royalty or not, family drama is and will always be a thing.