Cookie Butter Cream Cheese Exists & Bagels Are About To Get So Much Better

Although I can't really afford fancy foods (like, at all), I have an unfortunate obsession with them. Whether it's matcha-flavored anything, a classy bottle of Kombucha tea, organic treats from Whole Foods, or an obscure variation on pasta, there's a likely chance I really, really love it. TBH, it devastates me. If you're craving something that seems classy-as-heck without paying the price, you might be wondering when Cookie Butter Cream Cheese Spread will be available at Walmart, and you'll be happy to know I have the answer.

On Thursday, June 14, Instagram user and junk food enthusiast, @Junkbanter, made a remarkable discovery (along with other foodie IG accounts, like @candyhunting). He discovered that Cookie Butter Cream Cheese Spread by Great Value is currently available at Walmart. Yep, that's right: the sweet, tangy, and delicious spread can be found on Walmart shelves right now. However, it still isn't available online. But I guess that means a road trip to Walmart is in order then, right?

Each eight-ounce container of Cream Cheese Spread will only cost you a mere $2, according to Pop Sugar. And once you get your Cookie Butter fix, there's actually a ton of other variations to check out, including Chocolate Hazelnut, Honey Almond & Vanilla, and Blueberry & Lemon Zest Cream Cheese Spread. Each of these flavors sound absolutely amazing paired with any bagel, fruit platter, or even straight from the container (oops). You better believe I'll be trying out every single flavor.

According to @Junkbanter, Great Value Cookie Butter Cream Cheese Spread is quite similar to Trader Joe's Cookie Butter, if you've ever give that a shot (I, personally, still have not tried it out yet). Anyway, they mention that Good Value's take on it is a "fierce competitor" to TJ's version, with an abundance of spices, as well as a delightfully creamy texture. It really sounds like a dream, if you ask me.

In the caption of his IG post, @Junkbanter said:

Hey guys... I just think you all should know about this Cookie Butter Cream Cheese from Walmart. Trader Joe’s was the first to do this but not everyone has a Trader Joe’s. This is a fierce competitor: a nice spiced Speculoos cookie flavor mellowed out by creamy, delicious cream cheese. Plenty of flavor, but not so strong that you’d be afraid to pair it with your normal cream cheese complements. So far I’ve only tried it on this graham cracker, and I also may have tongued it a little.👌🏼 My next move is the Maple French Toast English muffins.

Once you've had way too much Cookie Butter in the form of Cream Cheese Spread, you'll probably want to find other Cookie Butter-flavored delicacies. And luckily, I know for a fact that won't be too hard. Way back in July, 2017, @Junkbanter tweeted about the potential for Nabisco to create Cookie Butter Oreos. Say what?! Unfortunately, they were released for a super limited time, and I never got to try them. However, they're everything I could ever want, and if I do end up getting my hands on a box (or three), I'm definitely dipping them in Great Value's Cookie Butter Cream Cheese Spread. No ifs, ands, or buts.

Walmart is a fantastic destination for a lot of things, but now they're carrying Great Value versions of fancy AF cream cheese spreads (I mean, can you get any fancier than Honey Almond & Vanilla?). And if you don't happen to be a major fancy food fan, you might just be in the mood for something delicious, and Great Value Cookie Butter Cream Cheese Spread is the way to go. This is about to be my favorite thing ever, and my worst nightmare. I mean, you know I'll be eating this straight out of the jar.