Here's What We Know About A Restock Of Charli D'Amelio's Hollister Fleece

Courtesy of Hollister Co.

The weather's getting a bit colder, so it's time to get your fleece game on. As you shop around, you might want to grab one of your favorite TikToker's designed hoodies. However, since it's currently sold out, the real question is: When will Charli D'Amelio's Hollister fleece restock? Dixie's and Charli's hoodies are not only the coziest way to dance into fall, they're also incredibly stylish — perfectly representative of each sister in a not-too-cutesy way. The D'Amelios' hoodies were released on Hollister's website on Sept. 10, and Charli's almost immediately went out of stock. That said, you'll definitely want to be prepared when the next round of fleeces drop.

“It’s just so cool to see it really be personalized to us and make it exactly how we wanted it to look – Dixie was even able to draw some designs for the sweatshirt I wanted,” said Charli in a press release shared with Elite Daily about the creation of the sweatshirts. “The creation process was also really amazing; the entire thing was done virtually through video chat with the Hollister design team.” Both fleeces are oversized like the sisters prefer, and their personalities totally shine through in their different designs.

Charli's hoodie is soft pink with suns, butterflies, peace signs, crystals, and constellations doodled on it — some were even drawn by Dixie. Everything was hand-picked by Charli, so you'll be rocking a totally TikTok-approved look. It's hardly surprising her hoodie sold out so quickly. Sadly, it's unclear when Hollister will restock Charli's fleece. However, the brand responded to a fan comment regarding a restock of the hoodie on Instagram, writing, "We often restock items based on their popularity and availability can vary by region! While we can't guarantee this, you can check out our site to see if it's brought back and check out other great items near you!"

But before you despair, Dixie's crewneck sweatshirt is still available in XS, S, and XL, though it's anyone's guess how much longer it is until all those are gone, too. For her design, the older sister went with a white tie-dye print. 2001, her birth year, is inked on the front, with Los Angeles printed on the back. My favorite part of Dixie's fleece is definitely the dragons decorating each of the sleeves.

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Hopefully it won't be too long of a wait before Hollister announces its restock of the D'Amelios' fleeces. You definitely won't want to miss your next to chance to cop one before they fly off the virtual shelves again.