When To Start Shopping For Christmas Gifts For Your Partner, So You're Not Scrambling

If I'm being honest, I was never sure when to start shopping for Christmas gifts for your partner. Like, do people actually plan out when to do their shopping in their calendars? Personally, I find holidays completely incapacitating. As soon as Dec. 1 hits, I feel like somebody has blown up a giant bomb of elves, holly, and mistletoe. The shops have already been full of Christmas decorations, but until now, the holiday was obscured beneath the looming shadow of Thanksgiving. Once the last of the stuffing has been scraped out of the bowl and the turkey's carcass is nothing but scraps, Black Friday comes along to smack me with a fistful of glitter right in the face. Happy holidays, everyone. I'm literally fishing coins out of my couch cushions to figure out how to buy everyone on my list a gift.

If you really don't want to scramble for a Christmas gift for your partner at the last minute, it's important to start paying attention a little early to any hints they might be dropping about what they're wishing for this year. Here's when and how to do it so you don't lose your mind in the holiday frenzy.

The Earlier The Better


While there's no set date to begin your hunt for the perfect holiday gift for your partner, it's better to start searching early. First, if you're planning on ordering something online for your partner, you'll want to ensure it gets to you with enough time to wrap and to make sure it's perfect. Second, the closer you get to the holidays the greater the likelihood of prices rising and items being sold out. Third, if you're a little tight on funds right now, getting your partner's gift out of the way early means less money you'll have to spend right before the holidays.

Shop As Soon As They Mention Wanting Something

Ideally, you'd think about and pay attention to your partner throughout the whole year. If they start talking about something they desire and a holiday is on the horizon, grab it for them as soon as your budget allows. That way, you aren't cramming all of your tasks in at the last minute or settling for something you know they don't really want.

Try To Shop On Black Friday Or Cyber Monday If You're Pressed For Cash


If you're not sure when to start shopping for your partner, but you know you're pinching pennies right now, big shopping days like Black Friday or Cyber Monday are great because it's likely you'll find the things your partner wants at huge discounts. Plus, this way, you'll have a little cushion time before the holidays actually roll around, just in case you find out your partner wants something other than what you go them, and you need to return what you already got.

But Don't Panic


If your partner is non-materialistic and you have no idea what they might want for Christmas, don't freak out and give them something just because. Getting them something that they'll really like is more important than a holiday. You don't want to just spend money willy-nilly out of a sense of duty, and you definitely shouldn't go overboard with gift-giving if it will cause you financial stress.

And even if you are late with your Christmas gift, don't worry. Dec. 25 is just a day on the calendar. If belated birthday gifts are culturally acceptable, then there's no reason belated holiday gifts shouldn't be as well. Christmas is about much more than a certain date or a deadline for your shopping. It's about being close with the ones you love and telling them how appreciative you are for having them in your life. It's a day to stay warm and cherish what matters most to you. As long as you put those loving intentions into whatever you decide to give your partner, the present you give them this holiday season — or when you buy it for them — can't possibly be wrong.

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