Here's How Long You Have To Shop The 70% Discounts In Zara's Summer Sale

I have a confession to make: I have never, not once, been able to peruse a Zara and then leave without making a purchase. I can't help it, there's always something I want! This irresistable temptation is exactly why I need to know when Zara's Summer 2019 Sale ends — the store's sales are fairly rare (Happening just twice a year!) and usually quite short, so it's definitely a take-advantage-while-you-can type of situation. The sale began online on June 19 at 10PM, so start scrolling the store's Instagram for some shopping inspiration and read on for all the details.

Obviously, most Zara storefronts aren't open at 10PM, so the in-store sale really began when doors opened on June 20. Items will be marked down as low as 70% off of original prices, so if you see anyone in the streets this week looking distressed and hauling massive Zara shopping bags, know that he or she most likely just won a battle or two versus other customers, fighting for the same pieces. We've all been there! There's really no need to go all Black Friday mode, though, as the sale will last at least a week — I think. In the past, Zara's semi-annual sales have typically lasted seven to eight days, so given that the Summer 2019 sale began on June 20, I can ~tentatively~ predict that it will end around June 27 or 28. Don't quote me on that, as the company never releases a confirmed sale end date, but I've never shopped a Zara sale that ran less than one full week.

That gives you tons of time to shop, but the good stuff sells out fast, so don't wait!

I drop a lot of coin on clothes from Zara on the reg, so during the sale, I like to treat myself to the items I don't normally let myself buy — i.e. cute accessories, shoes, jewelry, and handbags.

I'm trying to up my shoe game this summer, and these Leather Crossover Sandals ($36, originally $46, would really do the trick:

I also want to jump on the cool-girls-wearing-colorful-sandals trend, so these lime green Heeled Leather Sandals With Thin Straps ($50, originally $70, are sitting in my cart as we speak:

I'll also be using the sale as an opportunity to try out the woven or wicker bag trend. The Natural Crossbody Basket ($40, originally $60, combines both materials effortlessly:

Aaaaand I want a new night-out bag, because I can't resist the Animal Print Methacrylate Handbag ($50, originally $70,, which looks like it costs hundreds of dollars:

I am always, always tempted by Zara jewelry, but I regularly chicken out and convince myself I can find something similar for less at Forever 21 or from a street vendor in Soho. Spoiler alert, I can never find something similar, and I regularly dream about The Jewelry That Got Away. It's like The One That Got Away in dating, only much worse, and much more serious a loss.

These Whimsical Earrings ($13, originally $20, couldn't be more appropriately named. Catch me serving dreamy mermaid vibes in these oh so soon:

And if you're having shopper's guilt for over-spending, just repeat after me: "I am wonderful, and I absolutely deserve a Pack of Abalone Shell Hair Pins ($13, originally $20,, because they're beautiful and so am I!"

My apologies if I've added a few too many items to your already-lengthy To Buy List! If you're ready to start shopping, peep the sale online at the Zara site and in stores now.