You'll Want To Shop These Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual Sale Bra Deals ASAP

As a kid, I remember begging my mom to drop me off at the mall so I could spend my hard-earned allowance (I did my chores, people!) at the Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual Sale. As someone who was already a B-cup by age ten, bras were as much a part of my childhood as they are my current daily dressing routine, and getting to shop the brand's pricy pieces for less was always a treat. If you plan on shopping this year, you might be wondering when the 2019 Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual Sale ends, and also, what's worth buying — I've got you. Read on for more info on the sale, plus the best bra styles worth scooping up.

ICYMI, the sale is already in full swing, and after beginning for VS cardholders on June 2, it opened to the public on June 3. The retailer never names a hard end date for the sale, but according to SHEFinds, past sales have gone on for around 15 days, so you're looking at two weeks of deals, max. That's plenty of time to snag a bra here, a legging there, and who knows what else!

A sale this big can be a little overwhelming, though, which is why I've rounded up some of my faves:

When I shop sales, I always try to get the following: One item I need, one item I'll wear on a daily basis, and one item that feels ~special~. It's a sale, after all! This year, I'm in need of a good sports bra, so I'll be snagging the Angel Max by Victoria Sport Shine Sport Bra ($15, originally $35, for lots of support.

And yes, I'm probs going to get the leopard print. Long live the cheetah trend!

This bra is available in band widths ranging from a 32-40 and cup sizes between A-DDD. It's also available in 16 colors and patterns, so if you like the fit, you can stock up for all future workout classes. If you're shopping online and can't try on the bras in Victoria's Secret stores, I highly recommend scoping out the reviews to figure out the fit. "This is the most comfortable sports bra I have ever worn! I literally have almost 20 of them in different colors," one reviewer in particular raves about this sports bra, "They hold you in place, they’re not hot, and they are the only bras that do not pinch my shoulders when I’m working out! I have gotten so many people at the gym to start wearing them as well because I always say how comfortable they are." The only real complaint in the reviews section? The request for adjustable straps. That's a must for me on traditional bras, but when it comes to sports bras, I can do without, so catch me adding this one to cart.

Next up is the bra I plan to wear on an almost-daily basis, the Demi Bra ($25, originally $53,

I'm a firm believer in the notion that everyone needs an easy, comfortable, and supportive bra for everyday wear, and this one comes in band widths ranging from a 32-40, as well as cup sizes between A-DDD. It's also available in nine colorways, from multiple skintone-inspired nudes to neon yellow. It's got a 4.4/5 overall rating on the VS site, and plenty of reviews singing its praises. Oh, and it hooks closed in the front, which for some reason, makes me want it even more. Just me?

Last but not least, I want to treat myself a bit, so I'm hoping to snag the Wicked Unlined Uplift Bra ($17, originally $40,

I love a lacy moment! And in 23 shades, band widths from 32 to 38, and cup sizes between A-DDD, this really fits the bill. As someone with a larger chest, I hate the idea that a ~sexy~ bra has to have uncomfortable lining and push-up padding. This unlined, bralette-like shape uses a hidden sling and a scoop neck for a fit that helps the girls look their best without going overboard on the push-up. " This is so sexy and beautiful! Just wearing it makes me feel 100% more confident," wrote one reviewer, who advises shoppers size up one size when ordering this fit. "Went back and bought 5 more colors bc it was THAT amazing," she added. OK, now I need to try it!

Victoria's Secret doesn't have every single size out there, but if you want to see what the sale has to offer, you can shop online by band, cup, or letter sizing, which makes things way easier:

Victoria's Secret

If you don't need a new bra, you can still get in on the savings! The sale spans the entire Victoria's Secret inventory, from activewear to undies to sleepwear and even beauty. To shop the Semi-Annual Sale, check out the retailer's website or a store near you.