Mars Retrograde Has Been Causing Anger & Frustration, But Here's When You'll Catch A Break

by Valerie Mesa

We are in the midst of a hella retrograde season, stargazers. The fact that there are seven celestial bodies retro as we speak, is completely mind boggling, to say the least. Now, we all know Mercury turned direct yesterday, on Aug. 19. However, if you're still feeling funky, you might be wondering when does Mars Retrograde 2018 end? To be honest, I think most of us already know how to tackle the Mercury retrograde madness, considering it happens three to four times a year. Mars, on the other hand, is an entirely different animal. The warrior planet goes retrograde once every two years for about two months, and for the record, it's always f*cking brutal. Although, luckily for us, the god of war ends his backwards journey on Aug. 27, just days after Mercury stations direct.

Personally, I think Mars Retrograde is one of the toughest transits to endure, and I'll tell you why. For starters, Mars is the planet of action, assertion, energy, and sexuality. In fact, it's also very similar to the sun, as it is a symbol of our will power. Now, something else to keep in mind about this retro period, every time Mars is retrograde, it is sitting directly across the sun on the zodiac wheel. This is referred to as an opposition in astrology, and this aspect tends to be challenging because both planets are at 180 degrees, and the energies are at complete odds. Two down, five more to go, right? We've got this, stargazers. In the meantime, here's a closer look at Mars retrograde 2018, and why things will start to look up once it stations direct:

What Does It Mean When A Planet Is Retrograde?

The million dollar question, what the hell is a retrograde? Please note: planets don't actually move backwards, so don't take it so literally. Every once in a while, the earth surpasses planets outside its orbit, during its trip around the sun. Similar to when a fast-moving train passes a slow-moving train, the planet that is left behind will appear as if it has stopped, or is moving backward. This is what astrologers refer to as retrograde. Now, as soon as the earth passes this particular planet in its orbit, in this case Mars, the planet appears to be moving at a normal pace again. This is when the planet "goes direct."

What Happens When Mars Goes Retrograde?

Mars is the god of war and aggression. Put it this way: You know the saying, "Men are from Mars, women are from Venus"? Well, the saying goes a long way, and that's because Mars is the epitome of strength and courage, which are qualities instilled in the majority of men since a very young age. In astrology, Mars governs are sex drive, assertiveness, and physical life. This planet is angry, vigorous, and sexual AF. Its energy is competitive, impulsive, and ready to fight. I always say that Mars is like the gasoline we put in our car. Without it, our car won't start, right? Well, imagine what happens to us when Mars isn't moving at its usual pace. EXACTLY. The same damn thing. We have no energy, what so ever. So, if you're feeling lethargic, frustrated, and have no sexual libido, you can thank Mars Retrograde.

How To Tackle Mars Retrograde

Whenever a planet goes retrograde, the cosmos basically force us to re-assess, re-evaluate, and re-visit situations, according to the planet's energetic theme. With Mars Retrograde, the universe is asking us to reflect on our desires, and the way we fight. However, things get get a little frustrating during this time, as all of that passionate energy is turned inward and internalized.

With that being said, my advice to you is the following:

  • Take deep breaths throughout the day
  • Stay hydrated
  • Try your best to communicate your desires, whether it's something intimate with your partner, or in general.
  • Exercise, so you can release pent up energy and aggression.

We're almost there, stargazers.

Hang in there.