Huda Beauty Is Dropping A Mercury Retrograde Palette, & I've Never Felt So Seen

I literally just finished a highly emotional palette declutter, so it feels like great timing that all my favorite brands just so happen to be announcing new products this week. If you've seen the posts on Instagram, you're likely just as curious as I am as to when the Huda Beauty Mercury Retrograde Palette drops, because out of all the shimmery, cleverly-named eyeshadow palettes dropping this season, this one tops my list. It's got neutrals, pastels, mattes, shimmers, and I've already planned around six must-try looks with it in my head. That means I can justify buying it, right? Right.

TBH, the concept of Mercury Retrograde is such a cute idea for a palette, I probs would've bought it no matter what it looked like. But, because Huda Beauty teased the shades themselves before announcing the palette's name, I know my love for the colorstory itself is genuine, because I was obsessed at first glance. Who would've thought I'd look at a palette containing aquas and purples and find it so darn wearable? Huda Beauty is the master of tempting me with palettes I didn't know I needed, that's for sure.

When the brand finally announced the palette name, they showed off founder Huda Kattan in a chic glactic getup:

On her eyes, of course, was the Mercury Retrograde palette:

Huda Beauty

So different. So playful. So wearable. So creative. I have a million good things to say about this colorstory, and I could go on and on, but I'll let the Huda Beauty team do the talking. In a blog post entitled "Mercury Retrograde: Our Most Stunning Palette Ever!" Kattan raved about the shades and the origin of their inspo. "Our new, out of this world Mercury Retrograde palette was inspired by the stunning teal, purple and pink colors in Crystal AB, which I’ve literally been obsessed with since I was a kid," wrote Kattan. FYI, crystal AB crystals are the sparkly clear rhinestones with the rainbow-esque shift. AB stands for Aurora Borealis, the official name of the Northern Lights. "I really wanted the colors and the textures of this palette to feel as out of this world and as ethereal as the inspiration for the palette," Kattan continued in the post.

Get a load of these swatches, y'all. I espeically love the brights:

Huda Beauty

This palette truly contains the perfect ratio of statement shades to wearable neutrals:

Huda Beauty

I need this palette in my life, like, right this second. Feel the same? You can snag the Mercury Retrograde Palette for $67 when it launches exclusively on the Huda Beauty site on October 24 at 12AM GST, as well as online and in stores at Sephora on October 31.

Oh, and in case you wanted more things to buy, meet the Mercury Retrograde Limited-Edition Brush Set:

Huda Beauty

This trio includes one Pack & Blend Brush, one Fender Blender Brush, and one Contour & Blend Brush. Huda Beauty, stop tempting me! I definitely don't need new brushes or a new eyeshadow palette — and yet, I'm definitely buying both on October 24.