Here's When Facebook Dating Launches In The United States


You already know and love Facebook as the most popular social networking service out there. But Facebook wants to give you more than just a way to connect with friends — Facebook is now on a quest to become the internet's best matchmaker. Facebook Dating was launched in five countries back in 2018, but now it's going global, and as of Sept. 5, it will exist in 19 countries. Looking for love? Then you're in luck. Facebook Dating launches in the United States on Sept. 5, and rather than making you swipe your way to a match, Facebook wants to do most of the legwork for you.

Facebook Dating takes a different approach than dating apps like Tinder and Bumble. While most dating apps are all about swiping and matching, Facebook Dating matches you with other users based on your interests, Facebook Groups, and events you're both attending. By accounting for common ways in which people meet and develop connections IRL, this dating operation is based on way more than just mutual attraction. It can be overwhelming to sift through a massive network of singles in your area, and by narrowing that list down to people with whom you share interests, Facebook Dating makes matching a lot less daunting.


As great as Tinder and Bumble are, it can be a little scary to match and meet up with strangers. A rep for Facebook told Elite Daily that, according to a study commissioned by the social media platform in July, 61% of women choose not to online date because of safety concerns when meeting up with people from dating apps. Facebook Dating takes the stranger danger element out of online dating by allowing you to discover matches within your own Facebook communities, including events, groups, friends of friends, and more. You can even give your match's info and a tracker of your live location to specific Facebook friends when you're out on a date, which will allow roommates and parents everywhere breathe a sigh of relief.

The forthcoming launch isn't the only exciting news. Facebook Dating also recently announced a new feature called Secret Crush, which will allow you find out whether your crush feels the same way without any potential embarrassment. Secret Crush lets you make a list of up to nine friends that you've been eyeing from afar — but your crush won't know about it unless they include you on their list, too. (Hence the whole "secret" element.) Basically, it's the equivalent of asking a discreet friend to find out whether your crush like-likes you back. You're a top-notch wingman, Facebook.

So if you're tired of endless swiping, Facebook Dating might just be worth a try. And while this new operation is part of Facebook, your dating profile is separate from your Facebook profile, so there's no chance of your nosy great-aunt getting a look at your dating activity, which is probably for the best. Whether you're looking to make new connections or turn your Facebook friends into more than friends, the dating game is about to change in a major way.