6 Things To Remember When Your Friends Are Getting Engaged & You Don't Have A Bae

When your best friends begin to get engaged to the loves of their lives, it’s an extremely exciting time for the whole girl crew. From saying “I do,” to those adorable bride tribe proposals, to shopping for beautiful bridesmaid dresses and planning lit bachelorette parties, what’s not to be hella pumped about? Well, when all your friends are engaged and you don’t even have a bae, it can seem like the whole world is low-key crumbling down beneath your (super freaking cute) leather booties. Naturally, you’re ecstatic for your friends, but you can’t help feeling like your heart is aching a bit. Well, let me clue you in on a little something: This time of your life is a blessing, not a curse. Although it may seem crummy at first that your friends are all rocking their bling, and you don’t have a boo thing, let’s focus on the many positives, shall we?

If you’re currently on the single’s boat, ready to sail off into the bittersweet sunset, or you're getting your bags prepped to board it soon, don’t waste any of your precious time freaking the f*ck out, OK? At this very moment, all you should be doing is being the best friend you know how to be for your partners in crime, and focusing on checking things off your bucket list. This phase won’t last forever, so don’t take it for granted, either. When all of your friends are getting engaged, remember these six crucial things.

You Didn’t Meet Your SO Yet For A Reason
Becca Tapert/Unsplash

OK, I’m totally aware that the saying “everything happens for a reason” is one of the most overplayed clichés ever, but it’s entirely true.

Sure, you didn’t meet the one who you want to spend the rest of your life with just yet, but the world has a knack for holding out on us in different ways. When you do meet your person (and you will), you’ll know it. The right special someone is out there somewhere, and you’re the missing puzzle piece they’ve been waiting for, too, so don't dwell on it. Let things happen naturally.

You Have Time To Do Everything You Always Wanted To Do As A Single Chick
Holly Mandarich/Unsplash

Like I said before, this single stage won’t last a lifetime, so don’t waste away the remainder of your single status by moping around and feeling sorry for yourself.

Use this time to your advantage, and check off all of those awesome things you want to do for yourself. The spotlight's on you, girlfriend, so shine like the gem you are. If that means booking a couple of long weekend getaways to places you’ve never been before, but always wanted to see, then go for it. Heck, why not take a whole week off and put all of those sun's out, buns out Instagram captions to good use in Hawaii?

Your Pinterest Board Will Be Filled With So Many Dreamy Wedding Ideas When The Time Does Come
Jeremy Wong/Unsplash

It’s clear you’ll have an insane amount of fun hitting up bridal boutiques, picking out floral arrangements, choosing the ultimate color palette, DIY-ing decor, and so much more with your engaged friends.

Through each process, you’ll learn what you definitely want, and what you definitely don’t want, for your special day. Your Pinterest board will be overflowing with beautiful inspiration for your very own happily ever after.

You’ll Be More Financially Stable
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You have time to really establish your career and embrace everything that goes along with it -- finances, fun happy hours, and cool work invites, just to name a few.

If you're not currently in your dream career, you can put your heart and soul into getting it. And if that fairytale job requires you to move to a different state, then so be it. Think of it as a breath of fresh air and an opportunity to get your ducks in a row.

You Can Enjoy Your Remote, Comfy Couch, And Every Possible Chick Flick You Want To Watch

The only sharing you’ll most likely be doing on your chick flick nights is flipping a coin with your pooch deciding on who gets the better side of the couch.

Make the most of this time by streaming the classics, from Pretty Woman, to How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. A bottle of rosé and chocolate-covered strawberries to complete the night? Duh.

You're An Amazing Lending Hand For The Friends Who Want To Start A Family
Colin Maynard/Unsplash

Obviously, you're always there for your main squeezes, no matter the situation at hand.

If any of your currently engaged friends decide to start a family soon after they get married, you'll be there to help out with anything they need, in addition to celebrating this exciting chapter of their lives. You know that when the time comes when you want to have kids, they will be teaching you everything they know, and lending a helping hand.