The Pink Cold Foam at Starbucks is made with strawberry puree.

This New Pink Cold Foam At Starbucks Will Totally Up Your Instagram Game

Valentine's Day might have come and gone, but that doesn't mean you have to say goodbye to pink drinks just yet. Luckily, Starbucks' unofficial secret drink menu has a recipe for a festive drink topped with Pink Cold Foam that's taken Instagram by storm. If you haven't had it, you might be wondering what's in Starbucks' Pink Cold Foam — and how do I order it? Here's what to tell your barista.

While it looks like some Starbucks fans have known about the existence of the millennial pink-hued topping for some time now, it experienced a spike in popularity recently as the finishing touch for a V-Day sip that combined cold brew, white mocha, and raspberry flavors with a dash of strawberry-infused cold foam. Not only does the beverage apparently taste like chocolate-covered strawberries, but it's almost too pretty to drink — the key word being almost — with the layers of pastel pink foam on top. Now, Starbucks stans are no strangers to flavored cold foam, from Salted Cream to Pumpkin Cream, and the Pink Cold Foam sounds like it's made for strawberry lovers.

To order Pink Cold Foam, all you have to do is ask your barista to make cold foam with strawberry purée, and voila, you can expect whatever drink you chose to top it with to have a sweet hint of the summertime berry. It's such an easy way to add some warm weather vibes to any beverage you're craving, so there's really no reason not to try it on your next Starbucks run. Starbucks doesn't have an official Pink Cold Foam, so you'll need to ask for it by giving your barista the exact recipe — you can't order it by name.

If you'd like to treat your tastebuds to the unbeatable combination of strawberries and chocolate, order a Venti Cold Brew with white mocha and raspberry. Instagram user @ThatKnoxvilleGirl shared the directions for the Valentine's Day-inspired sip on Feb. 10, suggesting customers ask for their Venti coffee drink with two pumps of raspberry and two pumps of white mocha (If you like your Starbucks beverages extra sweet, you can get an extra pump of each). Next, request a layer of the Pink Cold Foam, and top of the drink with chocolate curls or a mocha drizzle, depending on your preference and your storefront's available ingredients.

You can order the Pink Cold Foam on any cold brew or iced coffee, or you can use one of the secret menu recipes. When ordering specialty items, it's always good to thank your barista for their extra effort, and maybe even show them some love in the form of an extra tip.