Lush's Halloween Collection Has Magic Crystals, Soapy Ghosts, & A Mercury Retrograde Bath Bomb

While I like feeling cozy and comfy when it comes to bath time, a little spooky never hurt nobody, am I right? If you're confused, allow me to introduce you to what's in Lush's Halloween 2019 collection, inspired by goblins, ghouls, and things that go bump in the night. Oh, and great ingredients and fun formulas, of course. Lush is constantly churning out new products, but I really think their Halloween collections are consistently some of their best, and when you see this year's lineup, I have a feeling you'll agree.

I know it's a little early for the Halloween talk, but I can't help it, your girl is excited! And as a self-admitted scaredy cat, I favor trick-or-treating and pumpkin patches over haunted houses and scary stories, which is why Lush's Halloween line is one of my favorite things about the season. There's always the perfect dash of spookiness in the otherwise adorable products, and this time around, they've included everything from bath bombs and bubble bars to shower jellies and body scrubs.

When Lush posted this ~very creepy~ photo to their Instagram announcing the new collection, I was a little uneasy. What would I find on the site itself?

However, I can confirm that all the products are cute af, especially Ghost In The Dark ($8,, the sweetest little bar soap you've ever seen:

See? Equally sweet and spooky! Ghost In The Dark might look sweet, but to be clear, the scent is ultra-refreshing, thanks to tons of lemongrass. BTW, this baby is ultra foaming, so you'll get a good lather with ease. Love that.

Moving right along, another spooky character is the Monsters' Ball ($8,, a pink bath bomb hailed as the one-eyed wonder:

Monsters' Ball has notes of lime and neroli, and creates the most beautiful pink and blue bath you've ever seen:


The bath bomb with the year's best name, though, has to be none other than Mercury Retrograde ($8,

BRB, buying one for every single friend that has complained about Mercury being in retograde at one point or another this year. Lush really nailed it with this one, and the bath bomb itself features notes of lemon, gardenia, and cinnamon.

The orange, green, and purple foam it creates is seriously the perfect Halloween blend:


While I love Lush's exfoliating bar soaps, I often prefer scrubs that come in jars, so I can scoop out as much as I want and get to work. That's why this year, I'm excited to see a Halloween-inspired shower scrub in the lineup. Y'all know I rely on a spray tan before rocking my Halloween costume, and a pre-tan scrub sesh to remove dead skin cells is a must.

The Magic Crystals Shower Scrub ($18, is number one on my list of must-haves this season:

The Magic Crystals scrub is a vibrant purple, and along with soothing Epsom salts and exfoliating sea salt, the mixture contains peppermint, spearmint, rosemary, and sage. Magic, indeed! If you're curious as to everything else in this year's collection, you can check out the full Halloween 2019 range on the brand's website and in Lush stores now.