Kellogg's and GLAAD's 2021 Together with Pride cereal is a berry-flavored bite that gives back.

Kellogg's New Pride Cereal Is Filled With Heart-Shaped Bites Covered In Glitter

by Daffany Chan
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There's a new breakfast bite that'll have you celebrating Pride Month early this year. Kellogg's partnered with GLAAD to drop a festive, limited-time cereal called "Together with Pride." Since this is a new bite, you might be wondering: What's in Kellogg's and GLAAD's Together with Pride cereal? It's a sweet treat filled with berry flavors and topped with edible glitter (!!!), so yeah, you'll definitely want to stock up.

Kellogg's and GLAAD are uniting once again for a tasty collaboration — Together with Pride cereal — according to an email from Kellogg's to Elite Daily. The new product builds on Kellogg's and GLAAD's first cereal partnership, the All Together cereal, which was released in October 2019 for Spirit Day, an LGBTQ+ anti-bullying campaign. ICYMI, the box was a blend of six fan-favorite cereals: Frosted Flakes, Froot Loops, Rice Krispies, Frosted Mini Wheats, Raisin Bran, and Corn Flakes.

Similar to the 2019 collab, this year's release "celebrates everyone having a seat at the breakfast table together," according to a factsheet provided by Kellogg's. (Kellogg's didn't launch a 2020 Pride cereal, but the brand donated $75,000 to GLAAD for 2020 Spirit Day.) The 2021 package design features a familiar crew of Kellogg's cereal mascots — Tony the Tiger, Toucan Sam, and Snap, Crackle, and Pop — but the cereal inside is certainly different from 2019.

The new Together with Pride cereal is made of colorful bites that look like Froot Loops, but are shaped like hearts. They're even dusted with edible "glitter" for a festive touch, per the brand. Oh, and it's an all new berry-flavored recipe, so you can expect a different flavor when you scoop a spoonful of the glittery hearts.

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If you're looking to try the new morning bite ahead of Pride Month in June, it'll launch in mid-May 2021, and it will be available at nationwide retailers for a limited time. A 7.8-ounce box will cost you $3.99. When you head to the grocery store to give Kellogg's new Pride cereal a try, remember to keep in mind the most updated CDC guidelines on mask-wearing and running errands.

To top it off, you can give back with your purchase, since Kellogg's is donating $3 to GLAAD's efforts for the LGBTQ+ community for every box of Together with Pride cereal that's sold. For an eligible donation, you'll need to make your purchase between May 1 and November 30 and then upload your receipt within 30 days of purchase to Kellogg's Family Rewards website. Once you've done that, you can go ahead and pour yourself another bowl — and be sure to snap a pic of all the glittery goodness for your grid.

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