Here's What's Holding You Back From Achieving Your Goals, According To Your Zodiac Sign

by Valerie Mesa

Capricorns aren't the only ones who have goals, you know. We all have a distinctive lust for life, but we're not always prepared to make it a part of our reality. If that feels like the case for you, what's holding you back from achieving your goals, according to your zodiac sign might really resonate with you. For starters, the term yin and yang applies to everything, and in astrology, it's another way of saying positive and negative, masculine and feminine. BTW, don't get this twisted. Air and fire signs are considered masculine, but that doesn't mean you're expected to have "masculine" tendencies. This simply refers to the energy of the zodiac sign, as the elements air and fire tend to be expressive and extroverted, as opposed to earth and water, who lean more toward introversion.

Now, going back to what I was saying about yin and yang, there's always a pro and a con that comes with our zodiac sign, and TBH we're just scratching the surface with our sun signs. However, it's important to acknowledge our strengths and weaknesses, in order to learn from our mistakes and ultimately become better versions of ourselves. One thing's for sure: If you want something in your life to change, you need to meet your goal half way. By that I mean, something's got to give if you want to see results.

For the record, yin and yang can't function without one another, so it's important to stay humble, and really keep an open mind. The bottom line is, no one is perfect, but even then, nothing is impossible, right? So, why not open your mind to the possibilities? Mingle with like-minded people, connect with those who you admire most, and create a positive atmosphere for yourself. Everything is perspective, and there's no reason to feel limited when you're really limitless. That being said, what are you willing to change about yourself, in order to succeed? How are you going to make space in your mind, and day-to-day life?

Here's what's been holding you back, according to your zodiac sign:

Aries: Your Impulsive Attitude

Oh, Aries. I know how passionate you are, but patience is a virtue, and if you actually take a minute to let things settle, you might see it from a different perspective. Remember, slow and steady wins the race.

Taurus: Your Languorous Ways

You love expensive things, but you also hate to lift a finger, Taurus. You know I tell you like it is, and well, if you really want something, you have to go out there and work for it. You're consistent, so the rest will be OK.

Gemini: Your Indecisive Behavior

Make up your damn mind, Gemini! If you can't decide right away, just take a minute to reflect, so you can make a realistic choice for yourself. There will be more options; I promise.

Cancer: Your Fear Of The Unknown

You feel safest when you're in the comfort of your own home, surrounded by the people you love, but what's going on out there? Have you considered the possibilities?

Leo: Your Egotistical Nature

I don't know anyone who loathes being wrong more than you do, Leo. Don't be so hard on yourself. It's not that serious. In fact, mistakes can also be learning experiences.

Virgo: Your Obsession With Details

What would we do without you, Virgo? You always do an impeccable job, but in the midst of your hard work and dedication, you also tend to stress over the fussy details, and sometimes, they're not even worth it.

Libra: Your Fear Of Confrontation

Just say what's on your mind, Libra. My grandmother always said, "get red once and never again." Meaning, tell someone what bothers you, so you can move past the drama. Do it once and that's it.

Scorpio: Your Self-Sabotaging Behavior

Stinging yourself isn't going to get you anywhere, Scorpio. In fact, some of you are so used to the darkness, you almost take yourself there purposely, in order to stay in control. Not worth it. Not even close.

Sagittarius: Your Lack Of Tact

Listen up, Sagittarius: There's nothing wrong with being positive. However, it's important to be realistic, too. Meaning, take it easy on the over-the-top side comments, and optimistic delusion. Open your eyes.

Capricorn: Your Pessimistic Outlook

I love how realistic you are, Capricorn. However, there's a time and a place for everything, so perhaps you should work on your cold demeanor, and ruthless feedback? Once in a while wouldn't hurt.

Aquarius: Your Rebellious Ways

Your unique perspective is what I admire most about you, Aquarius. However, similar to your Saturn sibling, (Capricorn) you might want to consider the time and place. Take it easy on the protesting.

Pisces: Your Fear Of Reality

You're a magical being, but you're also terrified of the possibilities, and everything that comes close to reality. For instance, adulting, studying, tending to your finances, etc. You can't live in Neverland forever, right?