Here's what's in the Dragon Drink from Starbucks.

If You Like Starbucks' New Refresher, You Should Order It As A "Dragon Drink"

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Courtesy of Rachel Murphy

By now, you may have heard that Starbucks launched a new drink called the Mango Dragonfruit Refresher. I don't know about you, but the name alone is enough to cool me down from the recent heat wave. The fruity beverage isn't the only version of the drink you can order, though, all thanks to an insider hack straight from Starbucks. Now, you can order a Mango Dragonfruit Refresher with a twist, but this one is known as the Dragon Drink. Are you intrigued? I know I am. Before you order this mysterious beverage, you probably want to know what a Dragon Drink is at Starbucks.

Before I dive into the nitty-gritty details of a Dragon Drink, let me quickly recap for you what the Mango Dragonfruit Refresher is. Since the Dragon Drink is a modification of the fruity refresher (think of it like the younger sister), this is important info. First things first: The Starbucks' Mango Dragonfruit Refresher is a mix of sweet and juicy mango flavors combined with a scoop of real red-ripe dragon fruit. Across the board, Starbucks Refreshers are made with water and fruit juice (mango in this case), and they are blended with green coffee extract for just the slightest (but much needed) jolt of caffeine. OK, got it? Cool.

Onto the Dragon Drink. Truthfully, it isn't too complicated to make. (And, no, it won't have you breathing fire after each sip.) Basically, the Dragon Drink, which was added to the menu in June 2018, combines all of the same ingredients and flavors of the Mango Dragonfruit Refresher. Here's the catch: Instead of making the drink with water, your barista will sub in coconut milk for an extra creamy twist, according the drink description on the Starbucks website.

Courtesy of Rachel Murphy

While the drink hack only swaps out one ingredient, it totally changes the flavor profile of the magenta-colored beverage, and it's for the better. To mix up the colorful brew, the barista will add a scoop of fresh dragon fruit gets to the vibrant pink and purple liquid. Then, the barista will shake up the drink to make sure the ingredients are perfectly blended, and pour it into a cup of ice. Like the Mango Dragonfruit Refresher, there are no artificial sweeteners or colors added to the Dragon Drink.

One of the best things about the Dragon Drink (other than the taste, of course), is that Starbucks is going to keep it on the menu all year long. That's right, unlike other Starbucks beverages that are only available for a limited time, the Dragon Drink is here to stay.

In addition to the drink hack, I do have one extra tip that you should know before you go. When you order a Dragon Drink (yes, that's what it is actually called), clarify with your barista that you do indeed want coconut milk instead of water. When I ordered my first grande Dragon Drink, my barista misunderstood my order and made the regular Mango Dragonfruit Refresher. That's OK, because Starbucks baristas make so many drinks during a shift that I'm sure all of the drink hacks can be hard to keep track of. Never mind the fact that Starbucks seems to be coming out with a new drink at least once a month. (Keep 'em coming, though.) What I'm trying to say is that it never hurts to double-check your order to make sure you get what you want.

There you have it. Now you know what a Dragon Drink is. It's just an easy modification to an already delicious drink. No frills. No fuss. Just like summer should be. Go enjoy this one while it's still hot out there.

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