What You're Returning For Store Credit After Christmas, According To Your Zodiac Sign

Ah, Christmas. Waking up to the smell of coffee and holiday quiche, before exchanging presents with your loved ones is a total mood, but there's also a catch, which is why I'm going to guess what you're returning for store credit after Christmas morning, according to your zodiac sign. It is what it is, stargazers. Despite the magic of the holiday season, there's always a gift or two that needs to be exchanged. We're human beings, and no one is perfect. Besides, it doesn't hurt to get your money's worth, right? Exactly my point. So, don't guilt trip yourself. Got it?

Although, it can get a little tricky, especially when you're dealing with a sensitive relative, who goes out of their way to ask you how, when and where you made use of their gift. TBH, there are people who are petty like that, and they're not always relatives. Anyhoo, I'm not trying to call anyone out here. On the contrary; I'm simply stating the facts. The holidays could never just be about the presents, but when it comes time to exchange gifts, it tends to go either really well, or get totally awkward. Sigh. It is the thought that counts right?

Funny enough, there was an interesting aspect in the sky on Christmas day, and I'm totally convinced that it affected the gift exchanging process and here's why: the moon was in Leo, and Venus was in Scorpio. These two planets were basically in a heated debate, considering they were both squaring each other. Now, I'm sure you're wondering, WTF does that have to do with anything? Well, Venus represents everything related to money, gifts, and pleasure, and with a square to the moon, issues with over-spending, shipping, or plain ol' discontent were extremely likely. Leos were most likely to feel this one, along with the rest of the fixed signs: Taurus, Scorpio, and Aquarius.

Nevertheless, here's what you're probably returning as we speak:

Aries: A Bag You're Never Going To Wear

Admit it, Aries: You're picky. You're also really specific with your purses, because you prefer a certain amount of pockets, and you only wear a particular size. This one just won't do.

Taurus: A Pair Of Shoes You're Not A Fan Of

If there's anyone who knows about fashion, it's you, Taurus babe. Although, luckily for you, you're also brutally blunt, and well, these shoes weren't going to make the cut anyway.

Gemini: A Weird-Looking Sweater You're Just Not Into

You would never wear something you didn't like, right? Well, there you go. You're never wearing this cashmere sweater. It's literally never going to happen. Plain and simple.

Cancer: A Lipstick You Would Never Wear

You have a certain aesthetic when it comes to your makeup, and besides, your moon-child skin doesn't agree with just any lip color. It is what it is, Cancer.

Leo: A Top You're Not Feeling One Bit

Another excuse to go shopping? Sure, why not! Either way, it's not like you're ever going to wear that shirt. Thank god for receipts, right? Go get your money's worth, Leo.

Virgo: A Ring That's Not Your Cup Of Tea

You're extremely particular with your wardrobe, and you're even more specific with your accessories. Your boo thang should've known better, right? Lesson learned.

Libra: A Picture Frame That Doesn't Match Your Aesthetic

You're the interior decorator of the zodiac, Libra. So, when someone gifts you an item for your snazzy humble abode, you think twice about whether it matches or not.

Scorpio: A Scented Candle You Totally Despise

There's nothing you love more than scented candles, which is why you hate the ones that smell terrible. Granted, to each is own, but you and I both know you're not a fan of butterscotch.

Sagittarius: Sneakers That Don't Fit You

Ready for your hike, Sagittarius? That is after you return your sneakers, of course. Sadly, Jupiter's transit through your sign might've expanded your shoe size, too.

Capricorn: An Agenda You'll Never Write In

You're almost as picky as your sister sign Virgo, if not more so. So, when Santa brings you a colorful agenda you're never going to write in, you don't hesitate to exchange it for something way more serious.

Aquarius: Headphones Designed By Your Least Fave Brand

Technology is your jam, Aquarius. Although, you take your time collecting specific brand-name items, and sadly, these just aren't your favorite.

Pisces: A Personalized Tote Bag You Totally Loathe

Stop feeling guilty, Pisces. Knowing you, you probably considered keeping it anyway, but enough is enough. You're never going to wear this bag, so go get your money back.