How To Treat Yourself This Holiday Season, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

It's the most wonderful time of the year, and if you're anything like me, then Christmas shopping is one of your favorite ways to celebrate the season's magic. Which reminds me, here's how you should treat yourself in the 2018 holiday season, based on your zodiac sign, because why not? Truth is, it's easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of Christmas, without thinking about yourself in the process. Although, with all of these online sales and holiday specials, I guarantee splurging on yourself won't be difficult this year. Besides, shopping could never be a dull experience, right?

Granted, hitting the mall during the holidays isn't always suggested, on the contrary. Although, you could always do the damage online. In fact, the majority of us are shopping directly from our smartphones these days. Yes, the temptation is everywhere we turn, and what's worse is, there's actually such thing as shopping directly from Instagram. (My apologies in advance, my dearest credit card. All I can say is, none of this is my fault.) Thank you for the user-friendly experience, Instagram. Tell your people to call my people, as I will be sending you my bill. Let the holiday spending sesh begin!

Although, before we get into that, I have to share some interesting facts, and I think they'll make you laugh. As per a survey conducted by Marcus by Goldman Sachs shared with Elite Daily, Aries, Taurus, and Gemini, are most likely to say they will carry credit card debt after the holiday season because of holiday expenses. Now, I hate to put the zodiac signs in a box, but we can't deny the facts, right? Anyway, if your zodiac sign was mentioned above, all I'm going to say is, behave yourself... or don't. You decide. Anyhoo, tis' the season to treat yo' self. Here's what I suggest for each zodiac sign who's trying to put themselves first this holiday season and invest in a "treat yo'self" gift.

Aries: Cosmic Medallion

This cosmic medallion is bad and boujee just like you, Aries. IDK what I love more, the fact that it's gold-plated, or that you'll look like a celestial gangster with it on.

Taurus: Facial Oil

Obvi, this is a tad on the luxurious side, but it's quality over quantity, right Taurus? For you, money is the anthem of success, and who are we kidding? You absolutely love pampering yourself.

Gemini: Texting Gloves

Serious question: How does the chattiest sign in the zodiac, AKA you, text your besties, and schmooze via social media in the winter time? My thoughts exactly. You're welcome, Gemini.

Cancer: Razor Subscription

The Billie Starter Kit is almost too good to pass up, Cancer. The starter kit includes a Billie Handle, mag(net)ic holder and two razor cartridges. Oh, and you'll receive cartridges every two months, if you continue the subscription.

Leo: Lavish Pillowcase

The royal treatment? Yes, please! Besides, who better than zodiac royalty anyway? This luscious pillow case can reduce your bedhead, and sleep crease, especially with those lioness locks of yours!

Virgo: Sparkling Water Maker

Oh, Virgo. You and I both know that staying hydrated is essential to our overall well being, but it doesn't hurt to ass a little extra fizz, right? OK, seriously, how adorable is this millennial pink soda water maker?

Libra: Zodiac Lipstick

Like a true daughter of Aphrodite, there's nothing you love more than splurging on a little makeup, right? Well, this color is timeless, totally chic, and made especially for you, Libra darling.

Scorpio: Bar Cart

How about a little cocktail to celebrate? Come on, Scorpio! Tis' the season, and you need a quaint spot for all of your whiskey, right? Not to worry, you can order your personalized decanter next year.

Sagittarius: Comfy And Cool Sweatshirt

On the road again, Sagittarius? Wouldn't surprise me now that Jupiter is back in your sign for the next year or so. This sweatshirt is great for the outdoors, and all other types of cosmic adventures.

Capricorn: Record Player

You love everything classic, and all things traditional. This limited edition Crosley gem is perfect for your vintage-vinyl obsession, and it will look good anywhere.

Aquarius: Stellar Cheese Board

Would you like some cheese with that wine, Aquarius? (OK, sorry, I had to.) Seriously though, how adorably quaint is this cosmic cheese board? This is everything you need for a midnight schmoozing sesh.

Pisces: Sleeping Mask

You're always down for a little shut-eye, right Pisces? Besides, this sleep mask is totally luxe, and silky plush for a good night's rest. Time to dream.