7 Things Your Bestie Wants Way More Than A Material Gift For Her 24th Birthday

Your favorite person is approaching the big 24, and as her bestie, you have to provide a top-notch birthday experience. Isn't that what best friends are for? You know her like the back of your hand, so you should already have a mental list of what your best friend wants for her 24th birthday.

It's cool if your list is on the shorter side, because your bestie is pretty low-key and doesn't insist on any material gifts. Turning 24 is an interesting age, because it's not like you've just reached the legal drinking age or hit your quarter-life. By 24, you've faced enough of your 20s to know that in order to make the decade worth it, your birthdays can't be marked with a big box that has a shiny red bow.

For your bestie, her gift from you shouldn't be able to fit in a box or gift bag. It shouldn't be an item she'll hang up in her closet and wear once or twice before she's on to the next thing. Your gift has to be something that has her so shook, she'll want to replay her birthday... until you top that gift next year. If you really want to make your bestie's birthday unforgettable, get her any one of these seven gifts.

A Surprise Party

Just think about it — when you're almost in your mid 20s, you might not expect a bunch of your friends to be able to get together on the fly. People have conflicting schedules, responsibilities, and commitments. Planning a surprise party for your bestie will be so sweet and unexpected. She will never forget that incredible feeling of having her favorite people all in one room to celebrate.

One-On-One Time With You

Believe or not, a well-spent birthday for your bestie could be anything as long as it involves you and her. Maybe you don't have a lot of downtime on the regular to hang out and bake your fave childhood recipe, check out that trendy new cafe down the street, or grab drinks at a cool rooftop bar. It might sound like a simple idea, but those side-by-side bestie moments are a priceless gift.

A Mini Sleepover, Like The Good Old Days

Pillow fight! Kidding, but you know sleepovers never really lose their flair. Whether it's just the two of you, or you round up the other ladies in your friend crew, a sleepover — complete with manis, pedis, birthday cake pops, and frosé — will be a surefire way for your bestie to enjoy her special day.

A Chance To Scratch Something Off Of Her Dream List

Does your bestie want to do a multi-state road trip or finally get her passport? Help her accomplish one of those bucket list items for her birthday. Experiences are way better than material items, and if it's something on her bucket list, it's definitely worth doing to commemorate turning 24.

A Boozy Brunch Experience

There are so many ways to do brunch these days, and for your bestie's birthday, you have to pick an extra special one. Bottomless mimosas and a DIY waffle station? It's totally doable, and you guys can spend an entire Sunday eating and sipping. Oh, and it couldn't hurt if there's a bomb omelette station somewhere in the mix, too.

Dance The Night Away

Girls just want to have fun with their besties. You two might not have gone club hopping since you were both old enough to get into the 21 or older clubs. It got old back then, but now, it's time to resurrect all of those "dance like no one's watching" feels with your main squeeze.

Tickets To See Her Favorite Band

Your bestie has loved the same band since before you can even remember, and seeing them live has been a top dream of hers. Sure, you'll have to shell out some cash for the tickets, but you'll never forget the way her face lights up when you guys attend. If this is a band she's liked since her teen years, get ready for the water works and a huge bear hug.