7 Texts To Send Your Best Friend On Her Birthday That'll Make Her Smile

Birthdays are always something to be grateful for. I mean, without them, none of us would even exist. And if you have a super amazing BFF, their birthday is a special day for you, too. Your relationship is solid and unique. So, what are some dope texts to send your best friend on her birthday before the real fun begins?

Inside jokes are golden when it comes to texts between you two, and that doesn't change when a birthday rolls around. And no matter how many birthdays you two have shared with each other, you're always looking forward into the future and predicting how you'll still be toasting mimosas when you're 85. I agree when people say that texts are such an emotionless means of communication, but because this is your BFF, she'll know you aren't just spewing idle, unreal words. That's your girl.

Also, with the power of gifs and emojis, you really don't have that much work to do. The hilarious magic of a well thought-out text and the perfect Gif is fire. Who doesn't like to laugh on their birthday? So, keep it sweet but funny, and prove to your best friend why the two of you are so tight in the first place.

1. "Did You Know Age Ain't Nothing But A Number?"


Ladies, we'd be lying to ourselves if we said we didn't care about how old we get. Honestly though, it really is just a number and as women, nothing like age or anything else is getting in the way of us slaying. We wear age like diamonds — very well.

2. "Another Birthday Down, A Hundred More To Go... With Me!"


Who doesn't want to grow old with their best friend? You two will be the most hilarious duo when you're older, and you look forward to sharing that same relationship even after decades have passed. Let her know she better strap up, because you two are in for the friendship long haul.

3. "Forget Candles. I'm Lining Up The Shots Now."


Your BFF should be used to your not-so-normal behavior by now. I mean, I'm pretty sure that's the reason why she loves you so much. If you're 21 and up, your birthday hasn't even really started until you've had a celebratory drink with your other half, anyway.

This could even be sparkling cider. Bubbles are key.

4. "Happy Birthday, My IRL Spirit Animal."


Your BFF gets you like no one else, and if you could give them the world on their birthday, you sure would. They are our spirit animals in human form, so their birthdays are certainly something to celebrate. This text is sure to be one of the sweetest birthday texts they receive all day.



Yes, we use birthdays as a time to get out and shake a few tail feathers. Not to mention, you're with your BFF, so the fun is inevitably going to be overflowing. Also, "partying" could be your own variation of fun. Each BFF relationship is different.

6. "Hey, I'm Coming Over. No Birthday Suit During Breakfast, OK?"


It's totally not weird to make or take your BFF to breakfast for their birthday. Even if it was, you'd do it anyway. Just make sure to tell her to save the birthday suit for her own alone time. Besides, it's not like that's the craziest thing you've ever said to each other, right?

7. "Dust Off Your Crown, Queen. It's Your Day."


Please feel free to add a celebratory "yas" at the beginning or end of this text. A birthday is a day to be treated like royalty. It literally marks the beginning of your favorite lady, and we are never ashamed to let our fellow queens have their day. Do you, boo boo.

Your best friend's birthday is probably marked on your calendar every single year. It's a day you're so grateful for, and you want them to feel extremely amazing on their special day.