The 1 Trait That You Need In A Partner, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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We all have a laundry list of criteria for the perfect partner, some longer and more, um, let's go with "specific" than others. But what if you had to boil it down to just one essential character trait? Could you do it? What is the most fundamentally important attribute someone needs to have in order to qualify as your perfect match? Admittedly, that's a really tough one. But the stars may hold the answer to what you need in a partner.

To be clear, these are personality traits beyond the required baseline traits for anyone you're in a relationship with — like being honest, respectful, and never abusive in any form. What I'm talking about here are positive character traits that just click with your personality and help to create the perfect balance found in all successful, healthy, and happy partnerships. These are either things that help to balance you both out or things that encourage your positive aspects to reach new heights.

Here's what kind of person you should be keeping an eye out for in potential relationships in the coming year.

Aries (March 21 To April 19): Playful

Confident and fearless Aries is the leader of every pack. They're never afraid to back down from trying something new, and they need a playful partner to go along with their wild antics. While some might think Aries would benefit from the opposite of themselves — someone a little more shy and reserved — that's not actually the case. Aries needs someone equally as confident, but who's willing to push back at Aries with some witty remarks and lighthearted fun.

Taurus (April 20 To May 20): Affectionate

Warmhearted and loving, Tauruses don't do well with emotionally stoic partners. They have a ton of love to give and require the same level of affection in return, lest they show their jealous horns. Better to find a lover who is just as down with some good old PDA as you are.

Gemini (May 21 To June 20): Clever

Geminis don’t do dumb-dumbs. Period. Intellectual and skilled communicators, Gemini gals need a partner who is both intellectually and emotionally clever and on their level. Anything less and a Gemini gets bored and moves on quickly.

Cancer (June 21 To July 22): Steady

Cancers are a study in contradiction: loving and emotional on one hand and cautious and suspicious on the other. While the good far outweighs the bad, someone who is overly empathetic may find a Cancer exhausting. What a Cancer girl needs is someone steady who can ride their emotional waves and help keep them on an even keel.

Leo (July 23 To August 22): Honest

Leos are magnetic, thanks to their enthusiastic and warmhearted demeanor. However, they can also be prideful, especially if they have a parter who is afraid to speak their mind. Leo gals should be looking for a partner who is fiercely honest and not afraid to push back when their Leo’s ego roars.

Virgo (August 23 To September 22): Adventurous

There is no sign more reliable and practical than Virgo, which makes them solid romantic partners. However, their shy and critical side can also make them go into hermit mode if they have a partner in the similar vein. That's why perfectionist Virgos need an adventurous partner who will ruffle their feathers and push them out of their comfort zones (within reason) to live their best lives.

Libra (September 23 To October 22): Decisive

Who doesn’t love a chill Libra? These easygoing, charming gals are just awesome to be around. But sometimes, all that "going with the flow" makes decisions a challenge, which is why Libra should find a partner who is happy to be the decision maker. (May I suggest an Aries or Scorpio?)

Scorpio (October 23 To November 21): Relaxed

Scorpios are a force of nature, full of determination, passion, and excitement. But put two together, and someone is going to get stung. What powerful Scorpio needs is actually a yin to their forceful yang — someone who is relaxed, calm, and up for anything.

Sagittarius (November 22 To December 21): Optimistic

While some signs need a contrasting partner to balance them out, optimistic and good-humored Sagittarius really just needs someone who is more of the same. They appreciate someone who knows how to make them laugh and who sees the world through perpetually rose-colored glasses, just like them. Sag girls are not here for a buzz kill.

Capricorn (December 22 To January 19): Stable

Practical, prudent Capricorn has no patience for flighty, aimless folks. If you want to know the way to this gal’s heart, it’s through structure — someone who has a plan for life and how they are going to achieve their goals. Leave your all-over spontaneity at the door.

Aquarius (January 20 To February 18): Idealistic

The very best quality about Aquarius is their humanitarian nature. Opposites do not attract for these friendly, loyal souls. Instead, what they need in a partner is a shared sense of idealism. In other words, they need someone with the same humanitarian world view, who's committed to helping people.

Pisces (February 19 To March 20): Grounded

Imaginative Pisces gals may be prone to flights of fantasy and indulging in a little too much escapism. That can make them a blast to be around, but can also hold them back from reaching their goals. That's why the trait they need most in a partner is someone grounded who can pull them back to reality from time to time when they drift off into the deep end.

Did you just totally flash back on all your past romances that ended badly? Well, now you have a better idea of what went wrong. Start by finding someone who compliments you on an astrological level and see what a difference it can make.

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