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The Most Important Thing You Need In A Best Friend, According To Your Sign

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Everybody wants a best friend: someone who's the Ann Perkins to your Leslie Knope, the Blair to your Serena, or the Miranda to your Lizzie. If you have one, you probably cherish them more than anything in the world. Your best friend means more to you than any romantic interest ever could. They're just as excited as you are when you're falling in love. They're also standing by your side when your heart breaks. As meaningful as the relationship between best friends may be, it's not always easy to find one. Not everyone meets them in kindergarten, remaining inseparable for life. Out of all the billions of people in the world, very few are best friend material. Knowing what you need in a best friend, according to your zodiac sign, will help you understand who you should be looking for.

Sometimes we waste time on people we're not truly compatible with. We work so hard to establish a friendship with someone who's wrong for us that we end up missing out on people we're actually meant to form a bond with. Knowing what personality traits you click with can help you find the best friend of your dreams. Trust me, they're looking for you, too.

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You're a roller coaster ride of fun; someone who's never afraid of pushing the limit and courageously indulging in every opportunity that life has to offer. You need someone who loves accompanying you on your escapades. However, you also need someone to keep you in check when you take things too far.


You're headstrong and loyal. It takes you time to settle on someone, but when you do, there's nothing in the world you wouldn't do for them. Sometimes this makes you stubborn and difficult to compromise with. You need someone who's sensitive to your unyielding nature, but also offers you just as much loyalty.


You enjoy socializing, being the life of the party, and indulging in your charms. You need a friend who's just as fascinating, someone who you'll never get tired of talking to. However, you also need someone who knows and loves the real you; the person you become in private when the party is over.


You're naturally sensitive and empathetic, often choosing the little things in life over glitz and glamour. You'd rather stay home and have a heart-to-heart than go out, and you need a friend who loves that about you. However, you also need a friend who pulls you out of your comfort zone and helps you get past your shyness.



Your relation to others is incredibly important to you. You want your friends to admire and look up to you. A best friend would be someone who genuinely adores everything about you and takes every opportunity to let you know. However, you also need someone who calms your ego down when it gets out of hand.


You're naturally meticulous, strategic, and concerned with everyone's well-being. You stretch yourself thin making sure everything is flawless. You need a best friend who appreciates your perfectionism and is always willing to lend helping hand. However, you also need someone who helps you calm down and enjoy yourself.


One of your main concerns in life is forging genuine and long-lasting partnerships with others. You want someone who's just as serious about BFFs as you are. You're also incredibly sophisticated and charming, so you need a friend who's just as elegant. However, they need to be able to snap you out of it when you become too highfalutin.


When you commit to someone, you commit for life. You need someone who loves how passionate you are about friendship. Always mysterious and unafraid of darkness, you also need a friend who understands your secretive nature. However, they should also be able to help you become more vulnerable.



You're an adventurer at heart. The world is your oyster and there's no place you don't want to explore. Your best friend will be someone who stands by your side and wanders with you wherever you want to go. They're forever your parter in crime. However, they should also be the one who inspires you to return home.


You're competitive, ambitious, and you always have your eye on the goal. You need a best friend who motivates you to work harder and be your best self. They're your constant cheerleader. However, they should also be able to talk some sense into you when your desire to be the best gets out of hand. They show you that life isn't all about winning.


Always the quirkiest and most eccentric person in the room, you need a best friend who compliments your wacky nature. You two probably have a thousand inside jokes and you both encourage your individualism. However, you do have the tendency to become pretentious at times, so your best friend should be able to pull you back down to earth.


Your imagination is flowing with amazing things. You're a natural artist and a sensitive thinker. Your best friend should be someone who ceaselessly inspires you, someone who appreciates your ideas. They should also be able to comfort your emotional heart. However, when you drift too far away from reality, your best friend should be able to snap you out of it.

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