The 'OITNB' Season 6 Finale Has Fans Asking One Big Question About Lorna


Lorna Morello has had some of the most drastic ups and downs during her time in prison, and the recently released Season 6 of Orange Is the New Black is no exception for the delightful but daffy character. Last season, Morello discovered that she was pregnant, and her storyline this season is all about that pregnancy. But the final episode of Season 6 probably leaves viewers with one big question: What will happen with Lorna's baby in OITNB Season 7? Let's talk about Morello's situation in the new season and what it might be setting up for next year.

Spoiler alert: This post will discuss plot details from throughout Season 6 of Orange Is the New Black. Lorna Morello's romantic life has been a rollercoaster throughout the series, but in Season 6, she is actually pretty grounded for the first time. She is no longer lying about having a fiancé or hooking up with Nicky and then feeling guilty about it — now that she is pregnant, Morello seems more focused on her unborn baby than on any kind of romance.

The pregnancy discovery came during the prison riot of Season 5. After Morello meets Vince Muccio via a pen-pal program, the two get married in the Litchfield visitation room, and a guard even gives them privacy to have sex since it was a special occasion. And apparently once was enough, because during the prison riot, Morello discloses to Nicky that she thinks she may be pregnant. At first, Nicky worries that Morello may have invented a fake pregnancy in her head, like she did with her relationship with Christopher, the man she stalked and called her fiancé. But once pregnancy tests confirm the truth, Nicky tells Vince, and Vince proclaims that he is staying with her and seems overjoyed at the news while Morello is being taken to max.

At the nearby maximum security prison, Lorna Morello is largely focused on remaining healthy for her unborn baby. Although Vince is not mentioned much, it sounds like their relationship is still going strong. The only time that Morello is really distracted from her pregnancy is when she begins to get caught up in the C Block and D Block feud. After members of C Block poop in D Block's laundry, Morello is quick to join in on declarations of war against C Block, which surprises Nicky, who doesn't see any point in getting caught up in the feud. Luckily, Nicky is able to talk Morello down after Piper and Alex's wedding, and convinces her to hide in a closet with her during the kickball game, which is actually a planned battle to the death between the blocks.

Unfortunately, Nicky gets found out and is forced to leave Morello alone and join the kickball game. And of course, at this worst possible moment, Morello's water breaks and she goes into labor. Luckily, she is able to get to the medical room in time, and delivers her baby. So... now what is going to happen?

Well, we have actually seen this story play out before, when Maria Ruiz gave birth at Litchfield in Season 1, the child was given over to her boyfriend to raise. Most likely, Morello's baby will live with Vince while Morello stays at max through the rest of her sentence. This will definitely have an effect on Morello and Vince's relationship, and on Morello's attitude in jail. We will have to wait and see exactly what happens when Season 7 drops next year.