The 'Orange Is The New Black' Season 6 Trailer Is Here & Things Are About To Get Real


Orange Is the New Black is taking things to the max in Season 6... and I mean that literally. The newly released trailer sees all of the Litchfield inmates navigating maximum security prison, and the stakes are higher than ever. Check out the Orange Is the New Black Season 6 trailer below, and let's get into everything that the trailer reveals about the new season.

As has been heavily hinted at in previous teasers, Season 6 of Orange Is the New Black will be the first season of the series to not take place at Litchfield Penitentiary. Instead, all of the prisoners that we've come to know and love are making the move to a maximum security prison, following the prison-wide riot that dominated Season 5. As fans recall, the fifth season ended with a police force breaking into the prisoner-controlled Litchfield and rounding up all the inmates, loading them into buses. The only prisoners who remained hidden in an underground bunker in Litchfield at the end of the season were ten women: Alex, Piper, Taystee, Nicky, Red, Black Cindy, Frieda, Suzanne, Blanca, and Gloria. As the police found out their location and assumed the women could be planning an ambush, it remained unclear if all of the ten inmates would survive into Season 6... and that question is only partially answered in the new trailer.

The Season 6 shows all of the ten inmates left in the Litchfield bunker have survived and were brought to maximum security... except for one: Alex Vause. We can even hear a mysterious voice in the new trailer saying "Where is Alex?" It's unclear if Alex died after the police found her in that bunker, or she was moved to another prison, but the Season 6 trailer certainly makes it look like Alex is not at max with the rest of the Litchfield crew.

It also looks like the move to maximum security will introduce a whole new level a gang wars for our inmates. Suzanne is already terrified enough to be away from her familiar surroundings, and witnessing the increased amount of violence and fighting in the prison yard makes her freak out even more. Piper lays out that the gangs at max are demarcated by the color of their uniforms: "Blues and khakis have beef with each other. Pinks are safe out there." Luckily, Suzanne manages to get a pink uniform.

Oh, and then there is the investigation into the prison riot. The trailer shows a number of the inmates being interrogated by officers, as Red notes that the authorities want the women to go down, regardless of whether anyone actually killed anyone or not. A quick shot of the investigators' wall reveals that they already have a bunch of prime suspects.


And finally, the Season 6 trailer also reveals the fate of two other characters who were left in question at the end of Season 5. It looked like Pennsatucky had made a clean escape and was chilling in the corrections officer barracks while all her fellow inmates were being bussed off, but she must have gotten caught, because she pops up in max in the new trailer.

Likewise, bureaucrat-turned-disguised-inmate Linda is still incarcerated, after failing to convince the police officers that she was not prisoner after the riot ended. And things just keep getting worse for her, as the new trailer shows a guard shaving off Linda's hair.


On another sad note, it looks like Maritza is gone as well. At the end of Season 5, guards separated besties Flaca and Maritza into two separate buses, causing the characters to worry that they would be sent to different prisons. And since Maritza does not make an appearance in the new trailer, it seems like that turned out to be true.

Orange Is the New Black Season 6 will premiere on Netflix on July 27.