'Orange Is The New Black' Reveals The Season 6 Premiere Date In This Ominous Teaser Clip


It is almost time to get back to prison... except this time, it will not be the prison we are used to. Orange Is the New Black is moving out of Litchfield Penitentiary for Season 6, and Netflix's ominous new teaser clip for the upcoming season reveals when fans can expect to see the mysterious new season drop on Netflix. So, when does Orange Is the New Black Season 6 premiere? The new season is going to start streaming sooner than you may have thought.

Netflix's newly released teaser for Season 6 of Orange Is the New Black looks completely different from any of the other seasons of the sprawling prison drama. In the short clip, we see buses pull away from the busted up, tear gas-filled Litchfield mess hall. As if the prison's complete disarray did not already make it clear that Litchfield is now a thing of the past, Piper's voiceover sure does: "This is a whole new world." The clip also flashes the phrase "To the max" onscreen, which seems to be suggesting that all of the inmates we know and love are heading to a maximum security prison. Hmmm, that is definitely going to make everyone's interactions a lot more... limited. It's safe to say that Season 6 is going to look a whole lot different from any of the seasons we have seen before.

But the most important part of the new teaser comes at the very end, when we finally learn when Orange Is the New Black Season 6 is going to premiere: July 27. Yep — the new season is coming to Netflix next month!

Check out the first look teaser for Orange Is the New Black Season 6 below:

Pretty eerie, right? Although, the fact that Season 6 is going to leave Litchfield behind should not come as much of a surprise to everyone who watched last year's fifth season of Orange Is the New Black. After the prisoners staged a riot, held all the guards hostage, and took control of the prison, scores of riot gear-clad officers stormed Litchfield and forced all of the prisoners onto buses bound for who knows where. That raid obviously left Litchfield in shambles (the state we see it in in the teaser clip), and it would make sense for all the inmates to be transferred to maximum security holdings after their prison-conquering antics in Season 5.

Of course, the short clip does not reveal too much else about the new season. We know Litchfield is gone and everyone is likely going to be in a maximum security prison in Season 6, but pretty much everything else is still up in the air. Given how Season 5 ended — with the Litchfield inmates being split up into a bunch of different buses — it is also possible that the main cast may wind up spread out among multiple different prisons.

Obviously, something like that would completely change the tone and energy of the series, which is perhaps best known for having a massive main cast. The shake-up could force disparate characters to create surprising new relationships with one another, or the isolation of maximum security holdings could create a more solitary, individualistic season, focusing on solo characters rather than formed groups. Right now, it's anyone's guess what Season 6 of Orange Is the New Black will look like, but we do know that it will look completely different from the first five seasons of the show.

Fans only have to wait about a month and a half for the new episodes to drop. Season 6 of Orange Is the New Black will begin streaming on Netflix on July 27.