Venus In Sagittarius This December Will Give You A Break From The Passionate & Intense Fall

by Rosey Baker

Venus has been in the sign of Scorpio for the last month or so, meaning that romance and romantic attractions, as well as social interactions have been more intense than watching all three 2016 presidential debates inside an escape room. But come Dec. 1, Venus is in Sagittarius until Dec. 25, making us all lighten up a bit, creating more optimistic positive interactions. This is great, because as much as we all love to connect on a deep level, not every conversation has to feel like a lovemaking session with hard eye contact, you know? Not everything has to be so goddamn serious.

When Venus is in Sagittarius, it changes the kinds of things we do together for entertainment, it gets us up and out of the house and into the world. The difference between Venus in Scorpio vs. Venus in Sagittarius is like the difference between swimming in the ocean and floating in a pool on a giant inflatable flamingo. One takes work, strength, and facing your fears in some cases; the other requires just the willingness to have a great time. Both allow you to enjoy the moment in completely different ways, but we'll all be glad to have the weight of Scorpios energy lifted.

Here is how Venus in Sagittarius will affect your social and your sex life.

Flighty Interactions

Sagittarius is influenced by the planet Jupiter, which is optimistic, exapnsive and curious. When Venus, the planet of social interactions, is in the sign of Sagittarius, it creates opportunities that have a really bouyant, bouncy quality to them.

Things like rollerskating, dance parties, competitive sports, and holiday parties are the kinds of interactions you can bank on with Venus in Sagittarius. No more inviting your best friend over to watch Jennifer Lawrence in Mother and then discussing how you can relate from your own painful life experiences.

Partying Too Hard

One thing you might have to watch out for with Venus in Sagittarius is a tendency to overdo it with partying. People have a desire to completely let loose on this sign, partly why holiday parties get their reputation for being the party where everyone, well, loses their reputation. So if you have a budding office romance and you're afraid of losing all boundaries once the company throws an ugly holiday sweater party, watch your intake. Better yet, stick to cranberry juice and tonic or something.

Less Fighting, More Flirting

Venus in Sagittarius can create a desire to break free from any feeling of restraint or responsibility. Serious relationships, or monogamy in general, does require consistent communication, and it's important to remember that sharing and communicating this way doesn't have to be all doom and gloom. If you start to think of communication as a burden, it could lead you to seek fun and flirtation elsewhere, because Sagittarius is a freedom loving sign that loves attention. Approach your conversations with your significant other with a lighthearted perspective and you'll find you get closer than you were before.

Speaking Your Mind, Eating Your Words

Another thing to watch out for under the influence of Venus in Sagittarius is that it can be a real struggle to hold your tongue. This sign is obsessed with the search for truth, and sometimes that involves asking all the right questions, sometimes at the wrong time. Sagittarius is known for being blunt, and although they don't mean to be rude (it often doesn't occur to them they might be coming off that way), this transit can rub off on everyone when it's affecting the collective. Just beware of a tendency to try to prove yourself right, and to stop and consider other people and their feelings before you speak. Sometimes during this transit, it's better to try and listen than it is to try and be heard, but it's always a balance between the two.