What Tristan Thompson Is Probably Like As A Partner, Based On His Zodiac Sign

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If you've kept up with Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson's relationship, you're probably familiar with the drama that went down when their daughter True was born in April 2018. When news broke that Tristan had reportedly cheated on Khloe just days before she gave birth, it's safe to say all hell broke lose. But from all appearances, this couple pushed through the hard times to form their little family despite struggles that would have ended most relationships, which is honestly pretty impressive. And it probably means that behind closed doors, what Tristan Thompson is like as a partner is a lot more complex and appealing than what we may see in headlines.

Here’s the thing: Tristan is in a relationship with one of the most public and visible women in the world, but despite their omnipresence, the Kardashians are actually really skilled at crafting a narrative and keeping private the parts of their lives they chose to. So, I can't help but find myself interested in the dynamic of the relationship when the cameras stop rolling and the paparazzi go home. While we can’t actually see what that's like, there are still some ways that we can get a little more clarity into who Tristan really is as a partner by taking a look at his astrological sign. Tristan was born on March 13, which makes him a Pisces — which, honestly, starts to make his and Khloe's dynamic make so much sense. Here's what we can intuit about what Tristian is like as a partner, based on what we know about Pisces men in relationships.

He falls in love hard and fast.
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Pisces are known for being the most traditionally romantic of all of the zodiac, because they really do lead with an open heart. They cherish love and want nothing more than to just fall under its spell. This “all in” attitude can be incredibly intoxicating and disarming to their partners (especially for a Cancer like Khloe, who both wants love and fears opening up). The one thing to watch out for with a Pisces man is that they tend to fall in love quickly, and a lot. In every relationship, they are convinced that they've found the one, regardless how suitable a match they actually are.

His love language is affirmation.
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If you want a partner who knows exactly what to say to make you feel amazing, then look no further than the Fish, because these folks are gifted with their words. Also, this sign is ruled by Neptune, the planet associated with Intuition, so Pisceans have the insight and the empathy to know just the right thing to say. In turn, they also want to be affirmed by your words of love and adoration, so don't hold back the praise if you want to capture this sign’s heart. You can count on endlessly clever conversations about just about any topic. A night doing nothing with a Pisces is just about as fun as going on an adventure with another sign.

He can be unpredictable and unreliable.
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No one wants to believe in love and be swept up in romance more than Pisces, and their passion can easily take their partners along for the ride and provide a false sense of security. The issue is that Pisces, despite all its best intentions, is ultimately a mutable water sign, which can lead to them being both fickle and unpredictable. This also a sign that tends to be less confident about their own identity and so they try their best to become what significant other “wants” them to be. Eventually, taking on that role is unsustainable, and in those cases , it makes sense that dishonesty and infidelity would become an issue.

He has an old-school, romantic soul.
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Pieces men are fond of the grand romantic gesture, so dating one can feel like you’re living your very own real-life love story. Flowers, love letters, and surprise vacations are all part of this sign's arsenal. Pisces has an old soul, and enjoys sweeping the people they love off their feet. They embrace romance so thoroughly, that things that would be corny if other signs attempted them just seem natural with a Pisces. It’s hard not to swoon over them.

Ultimately, Pisces is a sign who's hard not to love or give up on when they stumble. They're just so charming, and have such full, open hearts. The key is to just let them find themselves, without judgment, so that once they have that sense of security, that search for affirmation in others will cease, or at least, decrease. Because once a Pisces settles down, there is no more romantic partner in the zodiac. When you think about it like that, you can’t help but root for Khloe and Tristan a little bit more.