The Perfect Outfit To Wear To Your Bachelorette Party, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

In my opinion, your wedding dress and the first outfit you wear with your new lifelong partner tie for first place when it comes to crucial fashion decisions. A close second is your bachelorette party outfit. Your bachelorette bash is going to have all of your favorite ladies celebrating the last moments of your singleness. It's going to be epic, and that's why your outfit has to scream, "Sorry, but this girl is about to be taken forever and always." Yes, the stresses of another outfit may be underway, but deciding what to wear to your bachelorette party can be determined by your zodiac sign and your loyal AF girls trekking from dressing room to dressing room with you.

It's a process, but ultimately, you want your bachelorette party outfit to portray your personality. You should also consider what your ladies have planned for you. You're going to remember this outfit forever, because it signifies such a special time with you and your bridal party. Seriously, if outfits could talk, you wouldn't ever be able to shut this one up. It's easy to get overwhelmed during this wedding-infused time of your life, but if you really sit down and consider your taste and style, you've already got the first part down.

Aries: A Red Cocktail Dress
fashionnova on Twitter

Aries, a fierce red ensemble is so up your alley for your bachelorette party. Forget the veil, because a red cocktail dress will be the major clue that you're the leading lady. Black winged eyeliner and a bold lip complete this gorgeous look perfectly.

Taurus: A Teal Jumpsuit
wantmylook on Twitter

Don't sleep on the bold and beautiful qualities of a well-accessorized jumpsuit, Taurus. Teal is such a cool color, and you'll have so much fun pairing it with a cute pair of pumps. The mobility in a jumpsuit is also such a plus.

Gemini: A Long, Pink Tulle Skirt
cestcany on Twitter

This lovely pink skirt deserves an invite to your bachelorette party, Gemini. Pink is such a soft and gentle color, and tulle is oh-so-fun. Your party might take place at a picturesque vineyard, so this skirt will look even more enchanting paired with that backdrop.

Cancer: A Floral Sundress
beachgarments on Twitter

Your bachelorette party would be a little incomplete without the beach, Cancer. A sundress is the perfect amount of charismatic. Whether you're dancing in a cabana or relaxing on the sand, this dress has got you covered.

Leo: A Metallic Dress
engagementframe on Twitter

Metallic is so electric and captivating — just like you, Leo. You'll be doing more than shining bright like a diamond. It's your day, so you are the diamond, girlfriend.

Virgo: A White Skort And Coordinating Blouse
lovehellomolly on Twitter

You aren't skipping out on the chance to wear all white everything, Virgo. You want something that still embraces those laid-back vibes, which is why a skort couldn't be any more convenient. Your wedding dress might have some friendly competition.

Libra: Bell Sleeves And Skinny Jeans
shopthedeal on Twitter

Libra, you're all for celebrating this special part of your life, and this bell sleeve look is absolutely perfect for just that. The skinny jeans provide you with that comforting element, and no matter what the game plan is for your party, this ensemble is very versatile.

Scorpio: A Maroon Draped Skirt And Bold Accessories
fashionthese on Twitter

Anything that's maroon will make a lasting impression, Scorpio. That's the kind of passion you want to embrace for your bachelorette party. You are going to have a field day experimenting with matching lipsticks — trust me.

Sagittarius: A Floral-Printed Dress With A Train
nanamorgun on Twitter

If a dress could embody your wanderlust, this would be the one, Sag. There's something about a floral train that immediately makes you feel like a Disney princess. That open back is super elegant, too.

Capricorn: A Statement Black Dress
amazonswatchmag on Twitter

You know the beautiful captivation of a statement black dress, Capricorn. Keeping with the basics doesn't mean your bachelorette party will. You're saving that time to be extra for the festivities.

Aquarius: A Sleeveless Playsuit
fashionwithamy on Twitter

This is probably one of the cutest ways to wear stripes, Aquarius. Hopefully, your bachelorette party is during a time that's warm. This outfit deserves to be soaking in some glorious sunshine.

Pisces: An Off-The-Shoulder Top With High Waist Jeans
____vixxen on Twitter

Kill 'em with the shoulders, Pisces. Jeans have never done you wrong, and they sure won't start during your bachelorette party. If you have adorable shoulder tats, it's time to rock them with this sweet top.

Your bachelorette party outfit needs to be your vision of the bride-to-be. The most important accessory is going to be your openness to an unforgettable time with your besties.