The Perfect Bachelorette Party For You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Ladies, we know how to throw a party, and that's why when it's your or your main girl's turn to get married, the bachelorette party is in good hands. Your bride tribe would never let you down. Even if you're struggling to think of what kind of bachelorette party to have, you know it's going to be epic.

Your bachelorette party should get you pumped and excited about this amazing new chapter in your life. And no matter how nerve-racking it can be to think about such a pivotal point, an outing with your closest girls will settle those nerves. It's your time to turn up in a way that's amazingly tailored to you, girlfriend. It's all about you, and you'll have an incredible support system that will make this time the best.

Sure, you've spent an entire weekend with your girls before, but now one of you is the bride to be, so the dynamic is totally different. Expect laughs, tears, YOLO behavior, and most importantly, expect these moments to become a keepsake and something to look back on and smile. Every bride is different, so with that comes various bachelorette activities that are meant for you, based on your zodiac sign.

Aries: Enjoy A Thermal Experience At A Costa Rican Resort
tabaconresort on Twitter

Aries, at the Tabacon Resort in Costa Rica, you'll be surrounded by a beautiful rainforest, so don't forget to pack a polaroid camera. The thermal experience features mineral springs that neighbor the Arenal Volcano and National Park. You'll be so curious to explore every activity that has to do with the beautiful rainforest. Adventure is calling, Aries.

Taurus: Bicycle Through Acres Of Gardens In Georgia
cruiseamerica on Twitter

The Callaway Resort & Gardens has the perfect package for you and your ladies, Taurus. That soft spot you have for gardening will be tremendously fulfilled with The (Girl)Friend Getaway Package the resort provides. You'll have access to acres of gardens that you can explore by bike or foot.

Gemini: Party Hard At Coachella
coachella on Twitter

Music and chatting with people are two things you engage in so naturally, Gemini. The incredibly energy and music at Coachella will make you feel right at home. You and your girls can coordinate the cutest outfits, and you'll surely snap the most amazing pictures.

Cancer: Embark On A Private Cruise Tour Of Santorini, Greece
tipssantorini on Twitter

The teal blue waters that surround the island of Santorini sure do sound incredible, Cancer. This guided cruise tour includes a buffet and drinks, so sip up! And if you really want to take a dive into that amazing water, the boat docks and gives guests time to snorkel and swim.

Leo: Rent A Cabana At Fontainebleau Miami Beach
restmanagement on Twitter

Leo, you would flourish in Miami. You and your girls will be the center of attention as you turn up in a private cabana at Fontainebleau Miami Beach. You'll be living the good life, and in style.

Virgo: Eat Breakfast With The Giraffes In Nairobi, Kenya
etchlifestyle on Twitter

A whole weekend with adorable animals? This bachelorette party plan is right up your alley, Virgo. Giraffe Manor — a boutique hotel situated on a 12-acre property in Nairobi, Kenya — will certainly be enough space for your girls to explore. Feeding the giraffes during breakfast is certainly a highlight to look forward to.

Libra: Canonball Into The Pools At Adult Camp
campnocounselor on Twitter

Balancing between the nostalgia of being a kid, but having the freedom to be an adult, would be everything for you, Libra. Camp No Counselors will have your bride tribe making lanyards and taking advantage of that open bar. It'll be like old times at summer camp, but with an adult twist.

Scorpio: Ride Jet Skis Outside Your Rented Boathouse
shadowsshrink on Twitter

Scorpio, it's no secret that you're OK with being in a slightly secluded, but fun environment. All you need is your girls, the amazing view, and a more than compensating boathouse that's docked in the perfect location. Airbnb is your best friend. Oh, and don't forget the cute pool floatys.

Sagittarius: Take A Private Foodie Tour In Istanbul
premiertravelae on Twitter

Traveling to just about anywhere is on your bucket list, Sag. You know more than anyone that submerging in the culture and food of a place is the only way you can say you actually visited there. A private foodie tour in Istanbul is the ultimate bachelorette celebration for you.

Capricorn: Focus The Mind And Body On A Yoga Retreat
bil_travel on Twitter

Unwinding with your girls for the entire weekend at a yoga retreat will be more than relaxing for you, Capricorn. Whether it's at a resort or in the mountains, your mind is going to be at ease and refreshed once you leave.

Aquarius: Head To The Life Is Beautiful Festival In Las Vegas
lifeisbeautiful on Twitter

Food, music, and motivational speakers all together at one place is where you need to be, Aquarius. Fun fact: Life Is Beautiful is in downtown Las Vegas, and it's a festival you don't want to miss out on going to with your girl crew. Get in all of the activities and Instagram-worthy murals as you can.

Pisces: Have An Adult Tea Party
madhattersstaff on Twitter

Keeping it super classy and elegant at an adult tea party, Pisces, is a great option for your bachelorette party festivities. Pop the champagne and pose for pics with the pretty tea cups. Pinkie's up!

Your bachelorette party is leading up to an amazing moment in your life. Make every step along the way worth it.