These Four Outfits Will Have You Covered For Every Kind Of Fall Wedding

When two people tie the knot during the summer, dressing for the occasion is a cinch. Pastels, strappy heels, floral prints, beaded clutches—it's all fair game. What to wear to fall weddings, however, might seem like a decidedly harder question to take on, seeing as jackets are a must and heeled sandals might no longer be on the menu thanks to inclement weather. Fear not! While these extra considerations might make wedding dressing feel more daunting than usual, they actually present additional ways you can get more creative (and comfy!) with your clothes. Flats, cozy close-toed shoes, and outfit-making outerwear are all fair game, so don't freak out quite yet about any upcoming autumnal nuptuals.

Just like with spring and summer weddings, the setting and dress code will both largely dictate what you should wear to the event. If it's outside, make sure to bring a heavier jacket. If it's black tie, don't show up in a casual bohemian dress. Common sense, right? What might surprise you, though, is that pastels and jewel tones alike are appropriate, so long as you know what to pair them with. (Pastel is trending for fall so go the unexpected route and show the other guests how it's done!) No matter what kind of wedding you've got coming up, one of the below four looks will be sure to stun.

Oh You Fancy, Huh?

If you've been asked to dress to the nines for an upcoming wedding, consider the below sequin dress (click on the link to view it on-body, trust me) paired with some minimal yet chic accessories. Its midi length is perfect both seasonally and dress code-wise, its open back renders it slightly sexy, and its dark shimmery finish screams cold weather dressing. Paired with a simple black duster coat (dependent upon the weather), it's the ultimate fashion-forward look.

The Edge

If you want something unexpected and gutsy but still appropriately seasonal, you'll probably dig this gold-infused look. The dress is a standout on its own for its asymmetrical silhouette and glossy cheetah print, but when paired with plaid platform heels (what's more autumnal than plaid?) and a singular drop earring, it takes on a whole other level of cool. A long black jacket anchors the look. I'd suggest this outfit for indoor nighttime weddings.

Back To The Future

This look's got a retro feel to it but in a decidedly modern way. It's casual but not overly so, rendering it a great option for daytime and nighttime weddings, alike. A sweet button-up midi dress recalls similar '60s silhouettes, while a delicate beaded bag adds a cool touch of the '20s. Black velvet heels and a cute cropped faux fur jacket finish off the look.

Keep It Comfortable

Jumpsuit plus flat shoes equals the chillest wedding look ever. Thanks to the jumpsuits strapless neckline, fitted bodice, and gold buckle detail, it can be dressed up or down with ease. A black velvet blazer plays along with the Saville Row theme, while a sleek handbag finishes off the look. Wear this to a casual or cocktail attire wedding, and to one that's inside or outside.

Which one will you say I do to?