For The Best Spring Break In Florida Yet, Don't Forget To Pack These 9 Things

Girls just want to have sun. You want to ditch the puffer jackets and oversized knit sweaters you've worn a thousand times by now. You want to trade in the snow for dreamy, teal waters and palm trees. Thank goodness it's almost time for spring break then, huh? You're catching a flight to paradise — to coconut drinks, plush cabanas, and perfect afternoons spent poolside with your best friends. One thing is on your mind, though: what to pack for spring break in Florida — aka, "The Sunshine State." I have a few ideas!

This isn't the first beach vacation you've ever taken, so you pretty much know what to expect. You know that the breakfast buffet will be calling your name, with its endless waffles and whipped cream. The pool will be fairly busy, until everyone goes back to their rooms to get ready for fancy dinners and romantic walks along the water. You'll spend at least a little time taking pictures of the resort, so that you can post them on social media.

But, you're not entirely sure what to pack for a week or so in Florida. Bathing suits, bottles of sunscreen, and flip flops will definitely be #necessary. What else are you missing? Well, odds are, you might not have put these nine items into your suitcase quite yet. Snag them, and then go soak up the sun, please!

Cute Swimsuits For Your Insta Posts

First things first: Be sure to pack cute swimsuits for your spring break in Florida. Whether you're headed to Miami or Fort Lauderdale, they'll be necessary for soaking up the sun and surf.

Get a one-piece with a tropical print, or a bikini that has braided details. Then, be sure to pose in it along the rack of surfboards or with your colorful smoothie, full of your favorite fruits. Your followers will instantly comment, "Where did you get that?" and ask for some fashion advice.

A Sweet Pair Of Headphones For The Beach

Most of your time spent in Florida, you'll likely be on the beach. You'll wake up in the morning and breathe in the salty air from the balcony of your room, while sipping iced coffee. You'll put on that floral printed bathing suit and a chic cover-up, then stroll down to the lounge chairs.

Throughout the day, you'll get up for snacks or drinks. But, the majority of the time, you'll be so content listening to the waves and your favorite tunes. Do yourself a favor and invest in a sweet pair of headphones before you go. It'll make your playlists sound even better this spring break.

A Reusable Water Bottle To Keep Hydrated

Being in Florida means one thing: heat. That's why you're packing your lightest summer clothes and leaving behind your heavy sweatshirts and jeans. You're also packing extra sunscreen, because you know the sun will be stronger where you're wandering to.

Sure, you're going to be near the ocean and a pool, and have the ability to cool off at any point in time. But, having a reusable water bottle filled with water will be well-worth it and so important on those particularly hot afternoons.

A Chic Cover-Up For Grabbing Lunch At The Resort

Along with cute bathing suits and sandals, you'll want to pack a chic cover-up. It'll come in handy for when you want to grab lunch at the resort with your best friends, without running back to your room first.

You'll simply be able to slip on an oversized white T-shirt or a teal maxi dress, that's equally fashionable and fitting for the occasion. You'll then head to lunch, and may order yourself a sandwich with crispy chicken and avocado. You might even receive a few compliments from other guests, who are totally loving your look. Did somebody say, "fashionista?" Oh wait, yes! Me!

A Canvas Tote Bag For Shopping And Souvenirs

The days when you're not hanging out at the resort, you'll likely be shopping and exploring the town. You'll stroll down boardwalks, into aesthetically-pleasing restaurants and one-of-a-kind boutiques.

Instead of carrying a bunch of bags during these excursions, it'll be easier to hold onto just one. It'll be simple to purchase a picture frame made of shells or crewneck sweatshirt that reads, "Florida," and bring them back to the resort in an oversized canvas tote. Not to mention, this accessory will be a sweet addition to your outfit and look so beachy, too.

A Polaroid Camera For Capturing The Memories

Spring break is meant to be relaxing, and a refreshing break from the "real world." You're supposed to get away from the books and exams. You're also supposed to make some new memories with your best friends, and capture them all on film.

You could take these pictures and videos on your phone, or invest in a Polaroid camera. When you're laughing on the beach at sunset with your crew, you can whip it out and take some snaps.

Later on, you can look at these all together and split them up, or put them in a big picture frame. That way, you'll never forget all the good times and good vibes. Sweet!

A Trendy Pair Of Sunnies

Florida was nicknamed "The Sunshine State" for a reason, and you should take that into consideration when you're packing. You should grab a big, floppy sunhat on your way out the door, or put a beach umbrella in your car so that you always have some shade. Probably the easiest, and trendiest, solution is to get a pair of great sunnies.

They might be a little bit of an investment, but they'll be so worth it the second you're sitting in the sun. You'll remember that summer is right around the corner, and you'll need this accessory to get through those warmer months, too.

A Cozy Crewneck For When It Cools Down At Night

Although it'll be hot during most of your spring break in Florida, things will cool down at night when the sun goes below the horizon line. The sky will become all saturated in shades of purple, pink, and yellow, and you'll take it in from your spot on the beach. Then, you'll head back to your room to get ready for dinner and may want to put a cozy crewneck on.

You'll have a few in your suitcase just for these times — when you're hanging outside with your best friends around a bonfire, talking about your inside jokes and high school memories. It'll feel like a movie, in the moment, and you'll get sentimental walking down Nostalgia Lane. Just be sure to have the right outfit on, OK?

The "What Do You Meme Game" For Group Hangs

Last but not least, your suitcase will need to make room for a game or two this spring break. Especially if you run into some rainy days, you'll want to have a few card games on deck. You'll want to have a travel-sized version of air hockey or Scrabble in your bag, so that you'll constantly be laughing and making new memories.

Don't get me wrong: Your spring break is going to fill your soul with vitamin sea. But, for the moments when you're not soaking up the sun, it's essential that you're prepared and well-packed.