25 Catchy Spring Break Captions For Posting Your Good Vibes On The 'Gram

Going into college, you expected a few things to happen. You knew that you'd make some new best friends who lived in your dorm during your first year, and would stay in your life for, well, forever. You knew that you'd probably complain about dining hall food and midterms at least once. You also knew that you'd do some traveling, whether it'd be spending a semester abroad or going somewhere tropical on spring break. You'd post pictures with palm trees, colorful smoothies, and purple sunsets. The only thing you didn't consider was rounding up those catchy spring break captions for taking your travels to the 'Gram.

Let's be honest: This particular week in the middle of March, good vibes are bound to flow. You and your best friends are already smiling from ear-to-ear thinking about hopping on a plane together and ditching campus for a little while. Together, you rented a cute beach cottage somewhere in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, or found a sweet deal on a hotel room in the Caribbean. You may have even pooled your pennies to experience paradise in a place like Barcelona, Spain.

No matter where you go, you know you'll find exactly what you're looking for: a break. Now more than ever before, you need to leave behind your books and hit that virtual "refresh" button. Girl, it's totally understandable! College and being a #girlboss can be exhausting sometimes. Spring break should, and will, wash you worries away with the waves.

Some catchy captions for the pictures you'll fill your camera roll with are the only things you really need to worry about right now. (Well, captions and packing your suitcase with your favorite bathing suits and some extra Polaroid frames.) And even those, you don't have to look too hard to find, because I've gathered up the best ones!


1. "Woke up on spring break, and I thought that I was dreaming."

2. "The only B.S. I need is bikinis and sandals."

3. "Let the ocean worry about being blue." — Alabama Shakes, "Hang Loose"

4. "Live life in warm yellows."

5. "You had me at aloha and adventures."

6. "We're just a bunch of spring break lovers."

7. "Take a break, would you?"

8. "You can't take a spring break trip with us."

9. "Alexa, skip to spring break."

10. "Feeling happy whenever I'm with you."

Bruce And Rebecca Meissner/Stocksy

11. "This is my vacation #mood."

12. "I traded my mermaid tail for tacos."

13. "Spring break is always a good idea."

14. "I'm just going to nama-stay on the beach."

15. "This spring break is sweeter than honey."

16. "Sun, sand, and a pineapple in hand."

17. "Can we have class here from now on?"

18. "Do everything with love and laughter."

19. "Every beach trip requires your best friends."

20. "Logging off and laying in the sun."

Gary Parker/Stocksy

21. "There are so many beautiful reasons to be happy."

22. "Hitting the beach instead of the books."

23. "I can't adult or school today. Try again later."

24. "See you on spring break!"

25. "Good vibes happen on the tides."

Where there's a will, there's a wave, right? I made it my mission to find you the best and catchiest captions for spring break, and I delivered — if I do say so myself. Now, you can focus on having fun and taking a much-needed week off from college. You can go surfing, explore a new city, or try gourmet cupcakes out of a food truck. The opportunities for good vibes are endless, and it's crucial that you post them to the 'Gram.