10 Things To Do If You Get Snowed In On A Date That Make For A Super Romantic Time

When you're a kid, there is nothing better — or nothing that you hoped and prayed for more if you're from California like me — than a snow day. That magical phenomenon when school gets called off, so you can go play in the snow... or something like that. Like I said, I’m from a warmer climate, but that’s what movies have taught me. But, like so many things, when you grow up, snow days go from being an excuse to play to an excuse for more work and inconvenience. Except, that is, when it comes to being snowed in on a date. Yep, this is one of those rare instances where you can reclaim the joy of childhood by using the heavy snowfall as an excuse for having fun — plus one!

While being snowed in means romance has to stay close to home — which isn't necessarily a bad thing — it also creates a more intimate setting where the two of you are cut off from outside distractions. Plus, it's an excuse to embrace your inner child. So, with cold fronts rushing your way, how should you best take advantage of the extreme weather conditions? I have some ideas that you can start planning ahead for, so you'll have something "spontaneous" and magical to do with bae when you find yourselves snowed in.

1. Embrace The Cliche Of Snuggling Up By The Fire

There is a reason snuggling up with someone by the fire is a cliche: Because it’s romantic AF. Grab some cider, cuddle up under a blanket together, and just connect. A bonus: That warm fire is gonna feel pretty great if the date starts heating up in other ways.

2. Have An Impromptu Photoshoot In The Snow

Snow is built-in, free production value. Take advantage by turning your date into a winter wonderland photo shoot. What's better than the perfect kissing selfie? One where you’re surrounded by falling snow.

3. Make An Amazing Meal Together

Just because you can’t go out to dinner, doesn't mean you can’t share a romantic meal. It just means there may be a bit more labor required. But honestly, making dinner together can be a ton of fun. Make something special, and then, enjoy the fruits of that labor by candlelight.

4. Build A Blanket Fort For Two

A snow day is a time to embrace your inner kiddo, and what is more fun to embrace than a blanket fort built for deux? What you decide to do in there is totally up to you.

5. Challenge Them To A Game Night

Snow days are the perfect time to dust off the old board games or gaming console. Some light competition is always fun on a date, whether it's over a game of Scrabble or you kicking their butt at Mario Kart. Also, strip poker is totally an option.

6. Read A Book Together

Reading a book with someone is one of those simple pleasures we forget about as we get older. But what is a snow day date for if not for embracing the simple pleasures? Take turns reading to each other while snuggling. It may sound cheesy, but there really is something so intimate about turning off the rest of the world and just listening to someone tell you a story.

7. Stay Under The Covers All Day

I mean, this one is obvious, right?

8. Marathon All Of The Netflix

I watch a lot of Netflix, but still, it just seems to pile up on my queue. Sound familiar? Well, a snow day is the perfect time to finally start working through the backlog. Pop some popcorn, snuggle up together, and take turns picking what to watch.

9. Have A Snowman Competition

Is it corny? OK, fine, yes a bit, but who cares? Just have some fun with it.

10. Get Drunk On Some Boozy Hot Chocolate

There are few things in life more enjoyable than getting a hot chocolate buzz. Spike your hot chocolate with either red wine, bourbon, rum, Kahlúa, or my personal favorite, Frangelico. Then, pair it with any activity above. Date-night magic: achieved.

Snow dates really are the best, because sometimes, the most romantic dates you could ever go on don't require leaving home.

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