Here's The Exact Time You Should Go Outside To Catch The Eta Aquariids Meteor Shower

When you think about the immense beauty that this world contains, it's hard to stay upset for too long. When you remember just how deep and wonderful our universe truly is, all the stressors in your life that usually feel so big suddenly seem so small. Being lucky enough to spot a shooting star dart across the night sky and make a wish is only one piece of evidence that on planet Earth, magic is real. If you feel like guaranteeing yourself that opportunity, you may be wondering what time is the Eta Aquariids meteor shower? Set aside time to bask in this astounding phenomenon and there's no reason why you can't make all the wishes in the world.

If you don't know what the Eta Aquariids are, prepare to be amazed. These shooting stars pierce through the night in a flurry of light and power. They also take place every single year, spreading their beauty between late April and late May. So, lucky for you, there's not one specific time that this meteor shower will take place. Since the Eta Aquariids last almost an entire month, you could potentially see shooting stars every single night if you're really feeling ambitious.

That being said, there are still more powerful times to see it than others. If you're only interested in spending one evening watching the Eta Aquariids, Bill Cooke, leader of NASA's Meteoroid Environment Office, states that the best time to do that would be the early, pre-dawn hours of May 7, as reported by However, if you can't reserve time on May 7, you've still got a lot of time to catch a glimpse of the show. According to Robert Lunsford, writer for the International Meteor Organization, the week surrounding May 6 in general will carry the largest amount of meteor activity. As long as you schedule your night with the Eta Aquariids sometime during the first two weeks of May, your plans should be solid.

It's also important that you pick the right time of night to watch the shooting star extravaganza. The best time to see it, as told by, is right before the sun begins to color the sky with light, in the pre-dawn hours of morning. It is also recommended that you set aside an entire hour to watch the Eta Aquariids because there could potentially be intermissions between meteors as they flash fast and bright in the sky. It can also take 20 minutes for your eyes to adjust to the darkness in the sky, so that you can catch even the faintest shooting star.

Due to the big and bright nature of the last quarter moon that's supposed to appear on May 7, there's a chance it will be harder to see the meteor shower than usual. This is why viewing the Eta Aquariids from a spot that's far away from the light pollution of the city is essential. It wouldn't be the worst idea to take a little road trip to the wilderness, bring a blanket, relax on the hood of your car, and watch the shooting stars blaze through the night sky with nothing to hold them back. I mean, how romantic does that sound?

A Ritual To Make Your Wish Come True

Since it's customary to make a wish on a shooting star, why not take the Eta Aquariids as an opportunity to make your wildest dreams come true? A ritual to clarify your wish can make all the difference and help you sharpen your focus on your main desire. Whether you decide to watch the meteor shower or not, this ritual will still be powerful. You'll need:

Sage to burn

1 white candle

A piece of paper and a pen

You can start by burning sage in your vicinity, cleansing the negative energy that you've been carrying. Then, light your candle and shut your eyes. Breathe deeply, centering your attention on the present moment.

Whenever you're ready, write your wish down on the paper. Keep it as short and specific as possible, writing it as though the wish has already come true. If you want to get a raise, write "I am wealthy and financially rewarded at work." If you want to fall in love, write "I am in love and they love me back."

After meditating on the outcome of your wish, say it out loud while imagining that the meteors from the Eta Aquariids are breathing power into your words. Leave the note safely beside the candle, allowing it to burn all the way down to the wick. Trust in the power of your intentions and thank the universe when your wish comes true.