What The Single Girl Really Wants For Her 25th Birthday But Probably Won't Tell You

Turning 25 is going to bring on all of those quarter-life feels. But for any girl who's single, she may be facing it a little bit differently. So much happens by the time you reach 25, and if you're single, there's a lot of self-reflection going on. And while the crew may be pestering your fellow friend about what the single girl wants for her birthday, just know she is likely to leave a few things off of her list.

Most people would assume that a single girl wants to blow out all of her candles on her birthday and no longer be single. This couldn't be any further from the truth. When you're single and totally content with it, it may seem like you have to work twice as hard to rid yourself of the stereotypical expectations of being single.

Her main goal isn't to lock down a partner; in fact, she still likes to do so many things that don't promote the idea of being on the prowl. Feeling fulfilled and loved by friends is enough for her on her 25th birthday, but she still might be hesitant to reveal those birthday activities. Your main girl is likely to leave a few of her birthday wishes on the back burner.

A Girls' Night In

Despite common belief, single people really like to stay home and celebrate, too. Not every waking minute is dedicated to being out and looking for "the one." Quality time with her girls at her place doesn't sound like a bad birthday plan at all. And once the wine starts flowing as effortlessly as the convos, you're all set for smooth sailing.

Your Word That You Will Stop Trying To Play Matchmaker

You might think that you are helping your single friend by trying to find someone she is compatible with whenever you go out, but this may not be what she wants. Inviting potential matches to her birthday festivities isn't always the smart move, either. She probably won't tell you that one of her wishes is that the blind date suggestions will stop, immediately.

A Nice Dinner To Get All Dressed Up For

Getting all dressed up and going to dinner might sound like a classic plan, but your single friend would really enjoy it. If her other friends are in relationships, she might find it a little awkward to ask you guys to dress up for an outing you normally would do with your SOs. She still finds it rewarding to be all dolled while enjoying a good meal, even if no one is on her arm.

A Road Trip Adventure

Most people associate road trips and single people with the idea that they are trying to forget something or dodge their single dilemma. Your friend may also not want to have all of you who are in relationships jumping through hoops to take a spur of the moment trip. Do her a solid and hit the road with her.

A Night That Doesn't Involve Fixing Her Relationship Status

It might sound crazy, but peace of mind for a single person may very well be a period when they don't address or put forth efforts to try and cure their singleness. Believe it or not, there's a carefree attitude that accompanies a person content with being single. Hop on that train with her, and just live the night unhindered by any of your relationship statuses.

An Adult Toy Party

Adult toy parties can be so interesting and exciting, but your single friend may be super hesitant to ask you to host one for her. She's exploring her options, and staying up on the bedroom fun to be had when she does decide to lasso one in couldn't hurt. Oh, the unforgettable memories to be had.

A Little Bit Of Space

For some reason, when one of our friends is single and there is a reason to celebrate — like a birthday or holiday — our first instinct may be to serenade them in overwhelming attention. We don't like them to feel left out or alone. It's coming from a good place.

Again, your single friend doesn't mind being single and may want to go solo on a few of their own birthday activities. They may not tell you this because they know you just want their day to be special, and you incorporate that with being constantly surrounded by their crew.

The single friend wants a birthday embedded with all of the things that make it special, which includes her preferences. Try to keep her wants and not her relationship status at the top of your priorities for birthday gifting.