What The New Moon In Sagittarius Means For The Next Year Of Your Life

by Rosey Baker
Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

All months bring with it a full moon and a new moon. The full moon was in Gemini on Dec. 3, and was the last full moon of the year, allowing us to release any baggage we don't want to carry with us into 2018. But what the new moon in Sagittarius 2017 means is an opportunity to attract exactly what we want for ourselves in 2018. If you're a fan of Oprah, or any new agey idea (and if you're not, why are you still reading?) you probably have heard about the law of attraction. Basically, it's the principle held up by quantum physics that you attract what you are, what you believe in, and what you think about.

The new moon on Dec. 18 in Sagittarius is all about examining what it is we want more of in the next year of our lives. Being that it's the last new moon of 2017, it's especially powerful. So here are a few practices to make this new moon count, and don't worry; it doesn't involve building a shrine in your apartment, surrounding your bed with garlic, or anything else that might interfere with you getting laid.

Review The Past Year

Think about 2017, What are the first things to come to mind? Do you remember what you loved? The moments you laughed, or the times you had meeting someone special who changed your life? Do you think about your career and everything that's happened for it? When you think about what you didn't like, do you focus on the negative, or do you think of everything you've learned from that experience?

Go through all of it, and remember what you loved about this past year. Celebrate your victories and even your losses. You have a few days to do this, and you've got the help of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, pretty much any social media to help you remember exactly what you loved about 2017.

Write It All Down

On the night of the new moon, make yourself a list. Write down all those things you loved about the past year, and why you loved it. As you're thinking about it, remember it as best as you can. Practicing gratitude like this really sounds like mumbo jumbo, but it really does create an energy in you that propels you forward.

Practicing gratitude helps you to see what's going right in your life as opposed to what went "wrong," and allows you to view your life through a wider lens to help you realize nothing really can go wrong. It's all part of your unique journey on this big blue marble we call earth. Are you puking yet? Good. get those demons out now.

Start Future Tripping

This doesn't involve drinking ayahuasca tea on a retreat in the jungle. When I say future tripping, what I mean is this: After you've made a list of everything you enjoyed in the last year, turn your focus toward the future. Think of it as a menu you can choose from. What would you like more of? What do you want to have happen? Add that underneath your gratitude list, and put "2018" above your wish list. You can call it a wish, a goal, whatever you want. The point is, by the time you've finished, you'll have a written account of everything you wanted to accomplish in 2018, and by this time next year, you'll be checking everything off, one at a time.

New moons are a moment to think about what you want, and to consider everything you need to do to get it; but the more specific you are, the better off you'll be.