Here's The Perfect Tattoo To Commit To In 2018, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

When the clock strikes midnight on Sunday, 2018 will finally be here. Shout out to everyone that thought the world would end in 2012. If you're wondering what tattoo to get in 2018, you've come to the right place. Nothing says regret like waking up on the first day of the new year with less-than-ideal ink.

I've personally always wanted a tattoo. Besides the fact that they look so cool, and the stories behind them can range from hilarious to super deep, the options are limitless on what to get. That is the exact problem that hinders people like myself: Millennials already have it hard enough shelling out for avocado toast, so tattoo removal is definitely not in the budget. Before you get into a tizzy and talk yourself out of something before you even commit, getting a tattoo based on your zodiac sign could be a good idea.

Being in tune with your zodiac sign is really big right now. This is coming from someone that didn't even know what Mercury in retrograde was, and now I have it blocked off on my calendar. What better way to get something permanent? Trendy tattoos may come and go, but your zodiac sign is yours forever.


Money, Money, Moneyyy! According to Susan Miller, for the first time since 2005 Jupiter is in your eight house of other people's money. Look to start a new business, apply for a loan, or negotiate a pay raise, and get a tattoo that shows off your impulsive side. Just don't settle on like a small heart or something. My recommendation is a detailed key, because you're opening up doors this year.


Taurus is the sign of loyalty, patience, and luck. You thrive on stability, so get a tattoo that will ground you. If you believe in the chakras, how about an energizing tattoo on your spine? No judgement, but you can totally get something cooler than "Namaste" in script on your wrist.


Jupiter is in Scorpio, which means that you'll see movement in your sixth house of health and fitness. This is your year to actually stick to that resolution of hitting up SoulCycle. Gemini is considered to be the most interesting sign because of your enthusiastic free spirit. Commit to a tat that is free-flowing and tied into your inner rebel.


Love is in your horizon Cancer! 2017 was all about career, but 2018 is your year to stop and smell the roses. You're full of contradictions, and because of that, I recommend a yin and yang sign. To flip the design on its head, try to get it in the shape of a heart. You love being in love and cared for, but you have the ability to go at life alone if need be. What better way to showcase that balance?


Luck is on your side this year Leo, and you'll love being surrounded by family and friends. Normally you're all about being confident, bold, and showcasing your powerful demeanor. Since this year is all about your loved ones though, get something that contradicts your hard exterior. Even lions have a soft side!


Jupiter is in your third house of communication and funnily enough, Virgos are great storytellers and leave everyone entranced with their charm. Score ink that nods to your ability to impress others with your words. An intricate design of an ancient scroll or storybook perhaps? You're the modern day Socrates, after all.


Jupiter is in your second sign of earned income, because 2017 was all about work, work, work, work, work. Instead of splashing out on expensive jewelry, get a tattoo that shows off your year of luxury. Stay away from diamonds, though, and opt for a cool crystal tattoo instead.


This year Scorpio is expected to experience a lot of change. You're going to be meeting new people and trying new things, and an enticing love interest is in your cards. Since Jupiter is touring your first house of personality, I recommend ink that shows off who you are as a person. Get it on your foot because Scorpios keep people on their toes.


This year is all about healing and recovery for you, and you'll thrive working behind the scenes. This is surprising because you're the wild child of the zodiac. Since you fear commitment, a tattoo could be a big step outside of your comfort zone. Think hard before you take the plunge, but not too hard where you psyche yourself out. Your creativity is high this year, so out of all the signs, you should have no trouble dreaming up something innovative.


Jupiter is in your eleventh house of friendship, charity, hopes, and wishes. Balance is your vibe in 2018. I've always had a fascination with old school legal scales, so I feel like a legal scale trying to balance itself out would be a sick design for you.


Jupiter is lighting up your tenth house of fame and honor. That means you're going to experience a year of happiness, growth and prosperity. With your go-getting personality, spring for a design that will make you look back on this time of your life and smile. A dove might be a good fit because they represent peace, love and harmony.


Jupiter is residing in your ninth house of intellectual curiosity, and this is the year of travel for you Pisces. You're looking to increase your knowledge about philosophy, religion, and other cultures, so at the end of your travels induldge in a memento of your time. Due to your relaxed energy, delicate, small, and not obviously visible may be your ideal design. Just make sure if you choose something in another language that you actually know what it means.