What Planets Are Retrograde September 2020? Here's What You Can Expect

Jupiter & Saturn Go Direct This Month, But 3 Planets Will Continue To Retrograde

by Valerie Mesa

Retrograde cycles are equivalent to a celestial holiday, except they're hardly ever celebrated. Unfortunately, the term "retrograde" can be an instant buzzkill for many people, considering the general effects of a retrograde planet. While there's a whole lot happening in the cosmos, knowing what planets are retrograde in September 2020 should make things a bit easier, since you'll already have an idea of what to expect.

Before you panic about the current and upcoming retrograde cycles, make sure you take a moment to understand the overall meaning and reasoning behind a planet's retrograde cycle. If you force yourself to believe something will go wrong every time a planet goes retrograde, then chances are, something will go wrong every single time. Open your mind instead, and think about the benefits of this astrological phenomenon, because believe it or not, there is a silver lining to every retrograde cycle. In fact, they can be incredibly productive, let alone revealing.

If your initial thought when you hear the word "retrograde" is Mercury, you're not alone. Aside from being the closest planet to the sun, clever Mercury is the planet of communication, cognitive functioning, and transportation. In astrology, it's considered a personal planet, which is why its retrograde cycles are felt so prominently. Remember, Mercury may retrograde up to three times a year, but it's also one out of eight planets that do the same.


Whenever a planet retrogrades, it simply slows down, which causes the planet to reverse over the degrees it recently transited over. (It's similar to making a U-turn back home whenever you've forgotten something.) Retrograde planets turn the celestial energy inward, which is one of the reasons why these cycles are ideal for reviewing, reflecting, and re-evaluating things. Another way to look at a retrograde cycle is when you put an automatic reply on your email before going OOO on your vacation. You're not the only one in need of a break sometimes. Planets also take their annual (more or less) hiatus, which means you should do the same.

What Planets Are Retrograde In September 2020?

Once September kicks off, there'll be a total of five planets retrograde, but aggressive Mars will kick off its retrograde journey through its sign of rulership, Aries, on Sept. 9, before Jupiter goes direct in Capricorn on Sept. 12. Toward the end of the month, on Sept. 29, taskmaster Saturn will also station direct in its sign of rulership, Capricorn, which will automatically alleviate some of the retrograde tension.

Lord of Karma and the planet of boundaries, systems, and structures Saturn is symbolic of adulthood. It governs the area of your life where you're most likely to experience obstacles and hardships. While there's no reason to be afraid — especially since it's up to Saturn to instill the meaning of discipline and perseverance — it's no wonder many remain fearful of this stern planet. Each year, Saturn stations retrograde for about four months, and this year, Saturn kicked off its retrograde journey through Capricorn on May 11. With this retrograde journey coming to an end, ask yourself: How have I persevered in my professional life? Where should I continue getting boundaries and creating structure?

Since lucky Jupiter — the Greater Benefic and the planet of bounty and expansion — magnifies everything it touches, it will intensify the "Lord of Karma's" forward motion, especially since it's stationing direct just a few weeks before Saturn. Themes revolving around your career, foundation, and sense of authority will pick up right where they left off this past May. Reflect on everything you've learned throughout these past two retrograde cycles, and prepare to integrate this wisdom into your current reality.