What Meghan Markle Is Probably Like As A Wife, Based On Her Zodiac Sign

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When I imagine being married to one of the royals, is it surprising that my top pick for a royal spouse is Meghan Markle? Sure, Harry has that whole foxy ginger thing going on, and William is super sophisticated and regal, but I'd take Meghan over both of them any day. Not only is she stunning (said everyone who has eyeballs, ever) but she's just She’s smart, she’s outspoken, she’s a proud feminist, and I just love her. So, can you really blame me for wondering what Meghan Markle is like as a wife?

The frustrating thing about the royal family is that, despite being some of the most public figures currently on the planet, they have mastered the art of keeping their private lives private. What we know about them tends to mostly be things they have chosen carefully and methodically to share with the public. But there are still some ways that we can sneakily get some insight into what Meghan is like in her relationship by taking a look at her astrological sign. Megan was born on August 4, which makes her a Leo — and which, honestly, makes so much sense. Here's what we can guess about what Meghan is like as a partner based on what we know about Leo women in relationships.

She loves her family with all her heart.

Lionesses are known for being passionate about their families. This fire sign loves with all their heart and will defend the people closest to them fiercely. It may not be easy to get into a Leo’s true circle of trust, but once you are inside, there is no one more protective and faithful. All of that makes her an excellent partner and (soon-to-be) parent. This proud sign also is no shrinking violet behind closed bedroom doors, and for passionate and determined Leo, any job worth doing is worth doing well.

She’s not afraid to speak her mind.

If you want to know what's on a Leo’s mind, just ask! They aren’t afraid to speak their truth. Not that you will really even need to ask, because this sign is very outspoken. Leo knows their worth and won’t settle for any mistreatment. While they may get an (often undeserved) reputation for being self-centered, they also use their gifts of confidence, compassion, and reason (their ruling sign, the Sun, is associated with the latter) to benefit and uplift all those around them. So, as a spouse, you couldn’t hope for a better support system, so long as you show them the same respect in return.

She isn’t defined by her role as a wife.

While Leo takes pride in all the things they do, including being a spouse and parent, they will never be defined by that role. There is just too much ambition and drive in Leo to be pigeonholed. This is a sign who is passionate about their causes and wants to do good (and, let’s be honest, be seen doing good). So, while Meghan is likely a wonderful wife and mother, you will never see her retreat completely into that domestic role.

Ultimately, Leo as a wife tends to bend and shape the role to fit her, rather than try and squeeze herself into the traditional role. Everything we’ve seen about Meghan so far shows she's like every Leo in her approach to marriage — which is so hot. That right there is just one more reason why Meghan is my number one royal fantasy. Swoon.