10 Underrated Ways Moms Really Are Best Friends Forever

If you have an incredible relationship with your mom, there's no denying that she's the greatest of all time. She's a role model who inspires you to be the best version of yourself, and reach for the stars on the daily. She loves you unconditionally, and is always there when you need her, no matter where she may be on the grid. (Oh, and she makes the best chocolate chip cookies ever.) To quote Mean Girls, your mom's a "cool mom." You might even call her your best friend, but what makes mom special and your best friend forever?

Obviously, loving you since day one — and for the rest of your life — factors into the forever part, but it's all the other amazing things she does that are honestly really underrated. I could go on and on about my own mom. She's the first person I call when I have great news to share, my favorite travel partner, and she always has the best advice I need to hear (even when I don't want to hear it). I've had a few best friends in my life, but I always compare them to my mom. She's just that awesome.

If you have a mom who's your BFF as well, you understand these 10 things that truly make her one of a kind. I'd say it's time to call her up or give her a big hug right now, because there's no one in the world quite like her.

She'll Do Whatever It Takes To Help You Reach Your Goals And Biggest Dreams

Your mom does whatever it takes to make you happy. That means helping you achieve your dreams. Growing up, she may have enrolled you in dance classes or singing lessons when you wanted to be a major pop star. She also went with you to tour every college you applied to, and helped you move into your first apartment post-graduation.

She's Been Your Number One Fan Since Birth
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Having your mom as your biggest cheerleader is the best kind of confidence boost. Seeing her in the front row for every dance recital and basketball game put a smile on your face and made you try even harder.

She Loves You No Matter What
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Through the good times and the bad, you always had and have your mom as a shoulder to lean on. You know that she'll love you, no matter what — and will have a pint of ice cream waiting when you're having the most stressful day ever and need to vent.

You Can Talk To Her About Anything
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You're so comfortable together that no topic is off the table. I call my mom all the time, because I know I'm getting a judgement-free zone. You can talk about any subject from dating advice to how to successfully adult.

You Have More Inside Jokes Than You Can Count
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You may have gotten your sense of humor from your mom. That's why you can laugh at the littlest things like they're the funniest things in the world. Over the years, you've made so many amazing inside jokes together that you cherish with your whole heart.

She Has The Best Advice Out Of Anyone You Know
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Let's be real: Your mom is wise AF. She has the best advice out of anyone you know. When you need help making a big decision, she's always your person.

She Has Your Back And Will Defend You Till The End

You can count on your mom to have your back. If you come to her about a situation at work or a one-sided friendship that just isn't working for you, your mom is always on your side.

She Keeps Up With Whatever You're Into
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It's hard keeping up with all things pop culture and the hottest social media trends, but your mom tries. She may not be a complete pop culture guru like you, but she knows what's trending, because she knows how much you care.

She Always Keeps In Touch

You know that your mom is always just a phone call, FaceTime, or text away. She's there when you need someone to talk to, or just want to spill some tea. She's forever "your person" — aka, your emergency contact.

She Makes Sure Every Birthday Is Incredible
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Your mom goes all-out for your birthday. She's always there to celebrate, even if she's long-distance. She makes sure you feel like a complete queen by showering you with all the love.

If you are long-distance, she may plan a surprise visit. And if she can't be there for whatever reason, she'll send you a box of your favorite cupcakes with the sweetest card.