What Makes Girls Respond On Tinder? Girls Reveal The One Thing That Will Always Make Them Respond On Dating Apps

With ghosting becoming more common than ever, the only thing that's more offensive than having someone make a B-line for the exit without so much as a sayonara is being disqualified before the games have even begun. If you're having some trouble getting girls to respond on Tinder, fortunately, all hope is not lost.

At this point, it's safe to say that dating apps are basically the wild, wild west. If you aren't looting like a bandit, then you best believe that someone else with a bit more game is going to ride in on their white horse, rounding up all the goodies for themselves. When it comes to convincing the girl of your dreams — or at least, one you think is cute enough to hang — not to ghost you from the start, there is a bit of effort involved. But surprisingly, not as much as you might think. The truth is that the large majority of women have probably decided before they hear from you whether or not they are buying what you're selling. It seems the first message is the most important when it comes to winning over girls who may be a bit more on the fence about their interest level. According to a couple of Reddit threads and some lady friends of mine, there are some steps you can take to up your chances of hearing back from Becky.

This Girl Wants You To Mention Something In Her Profile

Personally, I hate the "hey how are you" messages, because I often find it doesn't open up much of a conversation. It's dull and fades out fast. (Again, this is in my experience.)
The people that take the time to read my profile and send me a message based off of something I've mentioned (Hey, I love that tv show too!, etc etc) has a much better chance of me realizing they've taken the time to look past just my photos. That, and funny non generic questions or icebreakers. I had someone once send me an opening line that said "2 of the 3 following statements about myself are true - guess which one" And they were totally outlandish, but it made me laugh, and definitely sent a message back.


This Girl Doesn't Mind A "Hey," As Long As It's Followed By Something A Bit More Stimulating

First, it depends on the kind of message they send. If it's overtly sexual or like flirting in a mean way, I definitely won't respond. Heys always get a hey back from me, but if it stays that boring, I usually won't respond further. Witty answers or questions about me usually get my attention, but too much is also bad. I also double check their profiles because sometimes in the heat of the swiping moment, I swipe guys right that I normally wouldn't, so I like to make sure they're cute or at least cute IMO before we start talking. No point in wasting time.

— Francesca*, 24

This Girl Just Wants You To Be Yourself

The problem is that Tinder and other sites are pretty oversaturated with guys and most ladies' inboxes are pretty flooded.
Just do what's natural, OP; if you try to fake it just to get responses, it won't be a very good time.


This Girl Likes 'Em Attractive, Charming, And Up For Something Casual

I find “hey cutie 😉” works a lot, but I try to find something funny to say about their profile. Obviously I want them to be hot. I especially like messages that are funny/sweet and not a dick pic. Also, since I use Tinder mainly for hookups, I ask myself if I wanna have sex this week.

— Sammie*, 23

This Girl Ideally Wants You To Be Hot Or Cool, But Isn't A Stickler

Honestly I just care about the photos/bio or if the guy seems hot/cool, in which case I'll reply even if the message is boring. But deal breakers are if it's like a super gross lewd message or a creepy old person smiley, ie. I think if someone has a profile I'm not actually that into but messages me something that plays off/jokes on my actual profile then I'd be more likely to reply.

— Coco *, 24

Remember, at the end of the day, "getting someone to respond" doesn't need to be your focus because more often than not, the people who are interested will respond. It never hurts to get creative, but whatever you do, don't send a crotch-shot — unless it's been specifically requested of course.

*Names have been changed

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