6 Things That Make A Friend “Your Person” & The One You Want To Go Through Life With

by Alexa Mellardo

Grey's Anatomy blessed us all with one of the most spectacular, iconic, and badass friendships of all time. Meredith Grey and Cristina Yang's relationship was not only a best friendship; these ladies were true soul sisters. If you began watching the series with your best friend (aka, your IRL "person"), you know this relationship spoke to you on another level. Along with Meredith and Cristina, we cried into our pillows when they cried, and we laughed until it actually hurt when they had their silliest, happiest of moments together. If you've found yourself and your bestie watching the series while saying, "Seriously, same," far too many times, you know in your heart what makes a friend "your person" and the best gift you've ever received.

There is so much to be thankful for in life, and "your person" is surely at the very top of that list. She has inevitably helped you gain clarity in the toughest situations and hardships, and she will forever be cheering front and center as you make your biggest touchdowns in life. You've done and will continue to do the same for her, of course. Here are the six special things that truly classify a friend as "your person," and they'll make you want to hug your BFF literally ASAP. Shonda Rhimes, you've done good by us, and we will be forever grateful for our main ladies, Mer and Cristina.

She's Here For The Sleepovers

You will never, ever outgrow having sleepovers with "your person." The majority of the time, you just need your main girl by your side at the end of a crazy day to spill all the tea to — the good, the bad, and the ugly. Even if you just want to snuggle up, put on a good chick flick or comedy, and not even talk, she's here for it because she totally gets it. Pass the popcorn, please.

When You're Having A Day From Hell, She's One Step Ahead Of You Breaking Open The Tequila

Meredith and Cristina were all about that tequila life in Grey's — from taking shots at Joe's Bar after work, to taking a swig from the bottle at Meredith's house. If tequila isn't your fave alcohol of choice, then your girl is ready to pop open the wine or vodka to de-stress, vent, and re-group. A day from hell most certainly calls for it... along with a pint of peanut butter chocolate ice cream.

She's There To Give You Brutally Honest Advice And The Essential Words Of Encouragement You Need

Your bestie doesn't sugarcoat things by including any BS fluff in the mix, and even when you don't want to hear it, she tells it like it is. She's one of the very few people (if not the only person) in your life who you can always count on to be brutal AF when she needs to be to get through to you.

One of my favorite lines Cristina ever said to Meredith about Derek was, "You are a gifted surgeon with an extraordinary mind. Don't let what he wants eclipse what you need. He's very dreamy, but he's not the sun. You are." This quote will forever give us all the feels. That being said, your main squeeze never fails to deliver the necessary words of encouragement when you're doubting yourself. You are the sun, girlfriend.

Your Personalities Perfectly Balance Each Other

This gem is truly the yin to your yang, your missing puzzle piece, the peanut butter to your jelly, and the sprinkles to your ice cream sundae. Your personalities complement each other, and you never fail to bring out the best in your other half. Sure, sometimes you'll inevitably get into arguments, but they never break the amazing bond you share.

She's Game For Dancing It Out, Because It's Important AF

"Your person" is the only individual in your life who understands and appreciates the complete and utter importance of spontaneous dance parties. Sometimes, they're just necessary and come without any given explanation. Other times, when you're feeling on top of the world and that calls for celebrating with your partner in crime, you dance it out to one of your songs.

She Has No Problem Calling Out A Fashion Faux Pas, Or Helping You Get Through A Bad Haircut

For Cristina and Meredith, a prime example of this was when Cristina's future mother-in-law waxed off her eyebrows and we all cringed (and also laughed a bit). Meredith was there for Cristina to help her through this trying time, just as "your person" is always there for you... no matter what struggles life throws at you. This most certainly includes any horrid fashion faux pas or bad haircut that stands in your way.