What Kinds Of Emojis In A Dating App Bio Should You Be Using?

I hate emojis. Does that make me not fun? Maybe. But honestly, I think using emojis in a dating app bio is incredibly off putting and immature. I once worked for a matchmaker who told me that bios were where you are supposed to be authentic and sincere. You know, put that you're a kind, career focused person, looking to finally settle down with the right person and start a relationship. To me, that kind of bio makes me squirm. Vulnerability? Yuck! Just give me your Instagram handle so I can stalk you, and if I like what I see, I'll swipe right and shoot you a message.

But the worst kinds of bios are the one where someone tries to be funny, and then includes thirty thousand emojis that scream "I'm a relatable millennial who does not take dating seriously! Let's hook up once and never talk again!" It shows not only a lack of seriousness, but of communication skills. Honestly, I can't think of anything worse to use on a dating app than an emoji. How old are you, thirteen? I'm trying to find a boyfriend, not be a babysitter.

So I am going to make a case against emojis. If I had my choice, I would say that one emoji is too many. And this is my article, so I guess it is my choice. Thus, my very expert opinion is this: Emojis are bad. Don't use them.

Plus, you can tell a lot about someone by the type of emojis they use. For example, I once looked at my recently used emojis, and found that I had used the clown head, knife, and smiley face with heart eyes the most, and it was the moment I understood I was probably a psychopath.

But there are specific emojis used in dating apps that can show you what a person is like in a relationship as well. So, if you choose to use them, here's what your chosen emojis will say about you.


The flexing emoji: You can't sustain a relationship with someone who defines their muscles as their main personality trait. Plus, can you imagine someone flexing at you on a date IRL? I'd kill myself.

The eggplant emoji: We get it, you're referring to your penis. Swipe left.

The horny devil emoji: At least you're being honest about what you're on an app for (most likely just a hookup), but do you really want to be that person? Plus, I feel like the only people who use this emoji are people who never, ever get laid. You're over compensating.

A leaf: Do I need to know off the bat that you're 4/20 friendly?

A million different emojis at once: Did your keyboard have a seizure while making your Tinder account?

An astrological sign: I don't care that you're a Virgo, you new age bro. This is the guy who claims to be a feminist, but then will mansplain feminism to you.

But, I guess if you are going to use emojis, some work better than others. The dating app Clover did a study to find out which emojis garnered the most responses on dating apps, and which ones didn't. The answers probably won't surprise you — although I disagree with some of them.


It's no surprise that you shouldn't include a wedding ring in your dating app bio. That screams stage 5-clinger. And the Vulcan salute, that says friendzone. However, one of these emojis actually did win me over, and it's the sassy girl. Make or female, if you have that on your profile, it will make me smile. Potential right swipe from me.

So if you're considering using emojis in your dating app bio, my personal opinion is: don't. But if you're dead set on using some, maybe choose a few from these list. But whatever you do, stay away from rings and the eggplant emojis, or you're guaranteed some left swipes.

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