What Khloe Kardashian Is Probably Like As A Partner, Based On Her Zodiac Sign

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

To say that Khloe Kardashian has been unlucky at love is an understatement. Between her troubled marriage to basketball player Lamar Odom and the rumored cheating scandal with her current bae, Tristan Thompson, love has not proven to be an easy road for Khloe. But based on what we know about her zodiac sign, what Khloe Kardashian is like as a partner is not to blame. Born on June 27 under the sign of Cancer, Khloe's sign is typically a really loving and supportive partner. It's just that she may be rushing into things a bit faster than she should. Typical Cancer. If you know anything about this sign, then suddenly Khloe's dating history makes a lot more sense. This is a sign that really believes in true love and tends to lead with their heart — and hang on to relationships longer than they should.

While currently Khloe is reconciled with Tristan, the father of her daughter, True, it's unclear what the future holds for these two. Will they work it out? Will the baggage of past infidelities inevitably be too much and force them apart? Only time will tell, but what we can figure out for ourselves is what being in a relationship with Khloe is probably like, based on her zodiac sign.

She's very loving, emotional, and faithful.

Cancers are notorious for having tough shells to crack. They're cautious because underneath that thin layer of protection, they're soft and vulnerable — and they’ve likely been hurt before. Once those walls finally fall, this water sign is all heart and powerfully-felt emotion. Adding to that is the fact that Cancer is ruled by the moon, which is associated with emotion, so yeah, you can expect Cancer to be operating from their heart rather than their head.

This sign is also a nurturing one. In fact, Cancer is sometimes called the mother of the zodiac. The Crab loves nothing more than taking care of and looking out for the people they love. They prize loyalty over everything else and will fiercely defend their loved ones.

Sex is all about connecting for Cancer.

While signs like Taurus and Scorpio are happy just getting lost in the physical pleasure of sex, for Cancer it’s more about staying present and connecting in the bedroom. They favor positions that maximize eye contact so that they're able to stay in sync with their lover's body rhythmically and spiritually. So, when they sense that there is a growing disconnect in other areas of the relationship, they tend to use sex to try and and reconnect and right the ship.

Cancer has a habit of staying in relationships too long.

Cancers may sometimes have a reputation for being clingy, but really, it's just that they give their all to their relationships — and they aren't willing to give up hope right away when things go south. They are fiercely loyal, so they believe that once you have their heart, you are worth fighting for even if you don't know it yet. The result is that people they love feel very loved; however, people who want out or who need a lot of space can feel a bit pinned in. The key is for them to find a sign that is equally as security-loving, like Taurus, and who can appreciate what that perceived clinginess is: commitment to making the relationship work.

Ultimately, Cancers make for wonderful partners, especially if you chose to stay close to home and start a family. They are loyal, fiercely protective, and emotionally available, so what's not to like? Whether it’s Tristan or someone new, I hope Khloe ends up with someone who can truly appreciate and respect what a beautiful Cancer's heart she has.