What Kendall Jenner Is Probably Like As A Partner, Based On Her Zodiac Sign

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Are Kendall Jenner and Ben Simmons currently cuffed up? Your guess is as good as mine, because supermodel has stayed mum about her relationship status with the basketball player. Although, it's worth noting that for not verbally confirming their relationship, Jenner has been showing up to 76ers games on the reg and cheering him on from the sidelines — with his mom, no less. She may be playing it coy, but that can’t stop up is from speculating about what Kendall Jenner is like as a partner based on what we know about her zodiac sign and how they generally are in relationships. I know I can't be the only one imagining it, right? Right??

Jenner was born on November 3 under the sign of Scorpio, which, let’s be real, makes a lot of sense. She has a very Scorpio ~vibe~ to her. She gives off a natural energy of power and sexuality — so very Scorpio. But this sign is also often misunderstood. Do they have an intense sex drive? Yes. Do they have a tendency to manipulate to get what they want? OK, fine, that's true too. But what often gets overlooked is how big and open their hearts are — well, at least until you cross them. Then it's all stinger, all the time. Here’s what else we can guess about what Jenner is like a relationship, based on her zodiac sign.

Scorpio is deeply emotional and intense.

Because Scorpio is such an innately powerful sign (after all, they are ruled by Pluto, the heavenly body associated with power and transformation), it can be easy to overlook just how deep and emotionally raw this sign is, too — especially when it comes to matters of the heart. Of all the water signs, which are all very connected to their emotions, Scorpio may be the one who most embodies this trait. What they feel, they feel strongly, which means they love hard. Being the object of their affection, once you’ve earned it, can be a very intense experience.

She can be very possessive.

Because Scorpios love so deeply, they can tend to be very possessive of their partners. That’s because, for all their confidence and swagger, Scorpio sees love as their one potential weakness. Love makes them vulnerable and they are terrified of trusting someone and getting hurt. Broken hearts cut especially deep for Scorpio, which is otherwise so well armored. And once they're burned, they never forget it. So, if you want to love a Scorpio, you better come correct.

Wrong her and regret it.

When a Scorpio woman loves you, you get to see their secret soft side. It’s all passion and adoration. However, if you cross the Scorpion and hurt her heart, all you'll get is her stinger. This water sign can be very, very sensitive and has a tendency to take every slight personally. Cross her and she will remember it — and add it to the secret tally list of wrongs she’s been keeping in her head.

Scorpios also often make for the worst exes, because if you ended the relationship badly, they will hold a grudge forever, and hell hath no fury like a Scorpio scorned.

Lack of sexual compatibility is a deal breaker.

Scorpio is by far the most sexual of all the zodiac. If it were up to them, all paths would lead to the bedroom. They favor passion and pleasure over romance, require a partner that can keep up with their drive, and are up for experimentation and pushing the envelope. And although there are plenty of areas where Scorpio will compromise, sexual compatibility is not one of them. If you want to impress and keep a Scorpio woman happy, bring your A-game to the bedroom every time.

Ultimately, Scorpios make for unforgettable partners, which is why they tend to feel like the one that got away — unless you wronged them, then they are the one you can’t get away from. They are passionate, powerful, and charismatic — not to mention incredible in bed. So, what does all that mean for Kendall Jenner as a partner? Well, let's just say you would very lucky to have her. Ben Simmons, I hope you’re listening!