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This New App Will Help You Decide What TV Show To Watch Next


Between Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and Amazon, the selection of streaming options can feel pretty endless. The biggest problem with so many choices is making a decision when it comes time to sit down and watch something. After scrolling through tons of options, viewers tend to get worn out before finding a new show, and just settle on rewatching the classics (hence why I’ve seen the entirety of The Office fifteen times through). Luckily, all hope might not be lost for discovering something new to stream. The new app, Watchworthy, recommends TV shows across tons of platforms and might just be the solution TV lovers have been looking for.

Powered by Ranker (a digital media company which features polls on entertainment, brands, and culture), Watchworthy asks users a series of questions about their TV preferences, and the answers are analyzed using machine-learning algorithms to come up with relevant show suggestions. Basically, you input what you do and don’t enjoy and voila — new recommendations you’ll actually like.

While most streaming services already offer suggestions based on your ratings, Watchworthy does this across a wide range of streaming services, potentially providing a far-reaching solution to your “what should I watch next” conundrum.

"It’s only getting harder to pick new shows across all of the new streaming services popping up,” said Ranker's CEO Clark Benson told Variety. “Watchworthy is designed to relieve the paradox of choice by accurately recommending what is worthy of your time, where to find it and how to watch it.”

Each show in the database gets a "worthy" score to indicate the likelihood of the viewer liking or disliking the show. In addition to filtering results based on streaming service, users can also filter by length, genre, and ratings to ensure everyone watching is happy. Benson said the app is looking to add group-based recommendations to create smart matching between multiple viewers to find shows two or more people might enjoy together.

Watchworthy is available to download for free on iOS or via Watchworthy's website.