Victoria P. is on Peter Weber's season of 'The Bachelor'

Here's What Victoria P. Does When She's Not On 'The Bachelor'

It's only Week 3, and Bachelor audiences have already gotten to see a lot of Victoria P. on their screens. The sweet pageant queen made a huge splash when she showed up at the mansion in a stunning long black dress, and after her emotional one-on-one with Peter on the Jan. 20 episode, fans are wanting to know even more about this potential frontrunner. But most importantly, fans want to know what Victoria P.'s real job is when she's not on The Bachelor. It's safe to say she definitely keeps busy.

On this week's one-on-one date with Peter, Victoria P. opened up about her childhood experiences. She told him about losing her father early in life, and the troubles that followed. Following her dad's death, her mother and sister fought addiction, which made her "grow up fast" and become a caretaker for her family. Despite these rocky beginnings, Victoria said her mom and sister are both sober now, and their relationships are strong. It turns out, these childhood experiences ended up playing a role in her future career choice; Victoria said she parlayed her experience looking after her sister at a young age into her career as a nurse.

Victoria now resides in Alexandria, Louisiana, and works as an urgent care nurse. Before that role, she practiced specialty nursing for two years in dermatology. With a profession like that, it's no wonder her ABC profile says she's a "natural caregiver."

But Victoria's resume does not stop with being a nurse. She is also a former Miss Louisiana USA, and even made it to the Top 15 of Miss USA in 2019. Her pageant biography explains her goal as Miss Louisiana USA 2019 was to "use her voice to inspire children to follow their dreams no matter from where they may come, including those facing issues such as poverty or addictive parents," proving her childhood experiences continue to impact her to this day.

Considering how much fans are living for her time on their screens, it's possible Victoria P. could add "reality star" to her list of professions as well.

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