This Car Rental Service Is Such A Millennial-Friendly Way To Travel, TBH

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Some trips don't require hopping on a plane for several hours to reach your destination. However, they may require you to rent a car so you can get from Point A to Point B and take advantage of services like Turo. What is Turo? It's the car rental service that works very similarly to Airbnb. I'm going to put it on your radar because it'll make your next trip a whole lot easier.

It'll take away the fuss of planning a road trip down the coast of California or a weekend in the city where your only other source of transportation is the sticky subways or overpriced taxis. It'll make you feel confident in your adventure skills by allowing you to navigate a place you've never been and explore it like a local. Not to mention, it'll give you a chance to focus on the beautiful national parks you're driving through or the skyline #views you're passing by. What more could you ask for?

In my experience, renting a car can be a little tricky and confusing. Sometimes the vehicle you had your eyes on isn't available or in your area. The trunk space isn't always ideal for your big suitcases and camping equipment, and it's not guaranteed the car will be able to get dropped off at any given location. To say the least, it can take a lot of phone calls back and forth to score the best deal and get exactly what you're looking for.

Enter Turo: the car rental service that was made for millennials like you who love to travel and need an easier way to do it. This company's marketplace is booming with vehicles and passion for hitting the road with ease and wanderlust in mind. As their website says, "Your journey starts here."

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You may have adventurous fall trips in New England to plan with your BFFs and a bucket list that never stops growing. The only thing that may be holding you back is not having a car rental service with the widest selection of vehicles on your radar. That is, up until now.

After signing up online with Facebook, Google, or your email address, and confirming your identity and eligibility, you're able to scroll through a marketplace of cars that are being rented out by their owners on Turo. You can enter the dates of your next trip, as well as the destination in order to narrow down the search results. Turo, in return, will show you a ton of locally-owned cars that are available in that area for you to drive.

From there, you can find a car that's in your price range and has all the features you're looking for. Maybe you want an SUV that can fit your entire crew, or a fancy Porsche because you're treating yourself on this vacay. Once you find the vehicle for you, simply click on the listing, read through the details and reviews, then hit the "go to checkout" button. This will prompt you to continue the booking process, where you'll confirm a pickup and drop-off location. The owner will have eight hours to confirm or decline your booking request. Turo states on their website that it's typically "much sooner," though.

When your trip comes around and it's time to pick up your rented vehicle, you'll meet the owner. You'll take a walk around the car, show the owner your license, get the keys, and go. If you opt to have the car delivered to you, you'll go through the same process curbside, at the airport, or wherever you agreed to meet the owner. (This feature isn't available with all rentals, so be sure to select it when you're narrowing down your search results.)

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After your adventure wraps up and you've filled your camera roll with pictures of mountains, palm trees, or skyscrapers, you'll drop off the car at the designated location with the owner. You'll make sure the gas has been replaced, you've cleaned up after yourself, and that there was no damage done. (Of course, if an incident did occur, you received a ticket, or you didn't pay a toll, that's on you. All of those nitty and gritty details are laid out in Turo's help center.)

You'll head back home or to your next destination with a happy heart and a soul filled with wanderlust. You may walk into your apartment and tell your BFFs all about this car rental service. They'll be left in complete awe, and might wonder how they can get involved — not as a traveler, but as a car owner.

Spoiler alert: You or one of your friends can list your car — like you would a home on Airbnb — and rent your vehicle to fellow millennials who love to travel too. You simply need to create a listing (for free) and input information on your car, as well as upload some quality photos. Once you've completed those few steps, you can start responding to requests and earning cash.

What will you do with those funds? If I had to take a wild guess, some of them will be going to your next trip and checking a major item off your bucket list with ease.

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