Pinterest Lookalike Trend
This Pinterest Trend Is Still Going Strong On TikTok & The Results Are Shocking

Igor Ustynskyy/Moment/Getty Images

Pinterest and TikTok have come together for the ultimate selfie hack, and the results are shocking. While scrolling through your "For You" page, you may've come across the hashtags #pinteresttrend and #pinterestlookalike a lot since Feb. 2021. Those tags will lead you to dozens of videos featuring TikTok's Pinterest lookalike trend... which will inevitably lead you to hours of fun (and not sleeping).

Here's how the Pinterest lookalike trend works: After snapping a photo of your face, you're able to see what celebrity, influencer, or other human being you look like. To try it for yourself, make sure the Pinterest app is downloaded on your phone. Then, open the app and head to your "Search" tab. This tab shows you categories you may want to browse like "stylish outfits" or "vegetarian dishes," but you're going to hit the camera button in the top search bar.

Your phone's camera will be activated with your permission. Once it's all set up, take a selfie in good lighting. Rainbow dots will start to scan your face, before pulling up a list of images that are considered similar. Those images are your lookalikes, your doppelgängers. You may be completely shocked by them, like some TikTokers, or happily surprised.

These TikTokers shared their results on TikTok, so you can see not only how the Pinterest lookalike trend works, but how they reacted to their results. Giggles and jaw drops up ahead.

Here's How The Trend Works

Before you dive deep into the Pinterest lookalike trend, watch this video by @gabriellecherie that shows how the trend works. After they take a selfie and it's scanned by the app, pictures of other people with silver hair pop up. Although the other facial features may not be exact, Pinterest certainly tried.

Here's What Happens If You Wear A Hat

If you're wearing a hat or other accessories when you try out the Pinterest lookalike trend, know that the app will run with it. As you can see in TikToker @cameronisaiah_'s video, your hat will be included in just about every result. Pinterest might even get the brand right, or inspire you to shop for a new hat to add to your collection.

Here's An Epic And Wholesome Reaction

On days when you need some extra self love, @cicelyjackson1 shows that you should do the lookalike challenge. For them, it was a total confidence boost and left them with a major smile. We have no choice but to stan the challenge, after seeing the video and their epic and wholesome reaction.

Here's A Video That Makes An Incredible Point

TikToker @jjjaaadddiii made a great point in their video, after they received their Pinterest lookalike results. They said they wanted to be friends with all the people in their result images. To be honest, that friend crew would be unstoppable, and it's always nice to show your results a little appreciation and love.

Here's A Way To Get Creative With It

No matter what trend you're trying out, there's always a way to get creative with it. TikToker @dollmariaj shows you how to be creative with the Pinterest lookalike trend, and test the reader technology. They do the same exact hair and makeup look they did in a past video that went viral. After taking their selfie, they scroll through the results to see if they see their own face. It's honestly an amazing idea, and the results will totally make your jaw drop.