The One Drink You Need To Try If You're Sick of Sipping Tea To Soothe Your Period


I used to pop an Advil whenever I felt even the slightest hint of a cramp on my period. But while painkillers work for some people, my digestive tract is so sensitive that even over-the-counter medication can stir things up. Seeking relief, I turned to foodie influencers on social media like Rachel Mansfield to learn how my diet could naturally ease my PMS symptoms. These days, I'll literally buy anything Mansfield swears by, so once the recipe developer and food blogger started boasting about the adaptogenic powers that Rebbl’s plant-based elixirs hold, not only in general, but especially for the female body, it was clear to me that, unlike some of the products deemed Insta-worthy in the health space, these drinks were going to be worth the hype and praise of Mansfield and so many of my favorite foodies. Plus, these elixirs are proof that my giving into social media fads isn’t totally ridiculous, so take that, husband (love you).

Honestly, though, I’ve been curious about Rebbl ever since Mansfield used a half-cup of the drink's turmeric lemon creme flavor in her paleo lemon berry pound cake recipe. I’m in no way, shape, or form anywhere close to professional-baker status (I just mastered the art of a basic loaf of banana bread), but adding one of these vibrant-colored beverages into the batter sounded super advanced. The product gave every slice of the loaf an awesome hue, but what’s cooler than the color each bottle yields are the health benefits you reap with every sip.

Before I begin ranting and raving over the deliciousness that is a bottle of Rebbl, if you’re staring at the screen thinking, "What the heck even is that?" allow me to explain: Rebbl is an organic, plant-based drink made from coconut milk, ethically sourced ingredients, and adaptogens. The brand has developed two ah-mazing formulas: protein drinks and elixirs. There are four protein drink flavors featured in the collection — vanilla spice, dark chocolate, cold brew, and banana nut (my personal fave) — while the elixir comes in a range of flavors to pick and choose from depending on your palate’s preference that day, including berries and creme, matcha latte, reishi chocolate (I highly recommend), and ashwagandha chai.

But let’s backtrack for a second: You might have come across the term “adaptogen” on social media once or twice, as these supplements are super trendy at the moment. But, just in case you haven’t, an adaptogen is an “agent which helps the body adapt to various emotional and physical stressors,” according to The Chopra Center’s definition. I personally hopped on the trend a while ago, and I've since experimented with adaptogens like turmeric and ashwagandha (aka an adaptogen used for stress relief) as part of a golden milk drink to lull me to sleep, as well as different mushroom adaptogens to help regain my focus in an afternoon slump and to ease my travel anxiety.

Rusti Porter, SVP of marketing at Rebbl, tells Elite Daily that the adaptogens, or "super herbs," found in these elixirs include ashwagandha to "support strength and vitality," reishi "to support a healthy immune system," and turmeric, which "supports joint health and digestive wellness." Each flavor contains a powerhouse of healthy ingredients that don't just taste good, but make you feel good both mentally and physically with each sip.


What's interesting about Rebbl is that the brand doesn't actually market its elixirs as a way to soothe menstrual pain, but the drinks' specially crafted, good-for-you ingredients just so happen to be pretty great for your monthly PMS woes, specifically during the bleeding phase of your cycle. See, when you lose blood during your period, your body also loses iron, which is why Porter says any of the brand's chocolatey elixirs are great to sip on during your period. "Rebbl's maca mocha and dark chocolate protein are all excellent sources of iron because of their maca content," she tells Elite Daily over email. And because iron is an essential mineral that supports the immune system and cognitive function, Porter adds, it's important to replenish your body during your period by drinking and eating things that are rich in iron.

Plus, since Porter says these cocoa-infused reishi chocolate and dark chocolate protein elixirs are high in magnesium, you'll especially want to stock up if your PMS symptoms include painful cramping. "[Magnesium] plays a role in maintaining the health of muscles," Porter says. What's more, according to Dr. Lara Briden, a clinician who spoke with the period-tracking app Clue, the essential mineral can also reduce stress, improve insulin resistance, and can help rid the body of old estrogen to make way for new, healthy estrogen. As if that's not enough, a handful of Rebbl elixirs — maca mocha, maca cold brew, dark chocolate protein, vanilla spice protein, and cold brew protein — are made with maca, a natural herb used to regulate hormones and ease stress, which is exactly what you need during that ungodly time of the month.

Now, I don't know about you, but when I'm feeling particularly cramp-y, my mood swings are almost instantly amplified. But, if you can sip on something that tastes like a treat and makes yours period feel exponentially better, why wouldn't you?