Here's What Natasha Has Been Up To Since Leaving 'The Bachelor'


People often say the best remedy for a breakup is to pour yourself into your work, and that might explain what Natasha Parker has been doing since leaving The Bachelor after her one-on-one date with Peter Weber didn't yield a rose. During dinner, Natasha told Pilot Pete she hoped to continue their relationship. But during a confessional, Peter admitted he felt a friendship more than a budding romance, and so he chose to end Natasha's time on the show.

Luckily, the 31-year-old event planner has more than enough to keep her busy these days. She started a new job as the brand marketing director for a restaurant group in New York called Everyday Hospitality in September 2019, according to her LinkedIn page. That's around the same time filming for this season of The Bachelor began, which means she's probably had plenty of work to catch up on back at home.

On LinkedIn, Natasha describes part of her role as "plan[ning] curated events and private dinners to highlight the brand," and she's clearly already gotten started: In January, she helped the New York City restaurant Sauce with its re-opening launch party. On her Instagram, she announced her "Sauce family" would be hosting regular "family night" dinner parties soon.

In fact, the Sauce dinner party on Wednesday, Feb. 6, meant she wasn't able to watch The Bachelor as it aired. "I didn’t get a chance to watch the show tonight because I was working late," she tweeted. "From what I hear it was a lot." Considering that was the night of Mykenna and Tammy's infamous two-on-one, she's right — it was a lot.

Outside of work, Natasha's been living a pretty #glam life while attending New York Fashion Week. On Feb. 8, two days before her Bachelor departure aired on ABC, she posted photos on Instagram from a fashion show at the event venue Pier59 Studios.

Natasha has also been spending time with loved ones, including her two-year-old niece. "Her side eye is perfection!!" she captioned a photo of the little girl — and if you've seen any of Natasha's screen time, you know she's the queen of sassy looks.

Even though she may no longer be in the running for Peter's heart, she's captured the hearts of fans everywhere. Tune in for "Women Tell All" for more of her signature humor later this season — you won't want to miss it.